Farrakhan And Pfleger Unleashed

Totally predictable, but ugh, anyway:

To complete the unholy trinity, Reverend Wright is back in the news, too:

Wright delivered the keynote address at For Members Only’s “State of the Black Union” event Friday night.

Proceed with caution those of you with strong gag reflexes…

In inviting Wright to speak on campus, FMO coordinator Zachary Parker said he hoped to “de-mystify stereotypes” surrounding Wright and his controversial remarks.

Bonus douchebaggery:

Ayers was a VIP guest of FMO, joining 900 people inside a packed Cahn Auditorium.

He said inviting Ayers was “only fitting” because the media treated the two figures similarly.

Yep, after the primaries were over, the media pretty much ignored both of them.

H/T: Atlas Shrugs

6 thoughts on “Farrakhan And Pfleger Unleashed

  1. There are also emerging divisions within the Christian evangelical movement.. Many of its leaders – while still opposing abortion rights and gay marriage — want a broader agenda that includes action on climate change and concern for the poor.

    These divisions mean that evangelical support for Republicans may have peaked with Bush and that some religious conservatives may now support Obama in areas like health care and housing.

    Richard Cizik, vice president for governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, said some members were excited by Obama, a devout Christian himself.

    “I think evangelicals should know that Barack Obama understands evangelicals better than any president since Jimmy Carter (a former Southern Baptist who left office in 1981). It doesn’t mean he agrees with us on all of these hot button social issues,” he told Reuters.

    But he said Obama recognized that challenges like climate change, homelessness and poverty were “moral problems” and that the president-elect, who often evokes his Christian faith as a driving force in his life, could work with evangelicals on those kinds of issues.


  2. Don’t they know that this sort of driveby cut-and-pasting is considered rude and contra the purpose of the blogosphere? Don’t they know that they’re raising hostility toward Obama and his agenda?


  3. Geoff, get ready for even more…ignorance will be the rule in Obama’s America.
    Brute stupidity and laziness will be honored and rewarded, hard work, and intelligence penalized.


  4. Many religious leaders STILL oppose abortion rights and gay marriage. Send them to the re-education camps!

    They can’t be blamed. They didn’t get the ‘Pax Obama” version of the Bible yet. All the wonderful prose without any of those pesky moral absolutes, charges of personal responsibility, or bigoted prohibitions.

    Get ’em the new “authorized version” and send them forth to spread the word.

    Yes We Can.


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