Gift Giving Opportunities For The Upcoming Obama National Holiday

As plans are formulated to promote a new national holiday for Barack Obama, it might be wise to consider ways to celebrate. Obama has proven over and over again throughout this election year that his hubris and narcissism knows no bounds, and while most President elects would poo poo such an outlandish idea, Obama has so far done no such thing, and is in fact, probably already looking at this idea as a fate accompli.

So here are some gift giving ideas for the Obama cultist on your list:

This hand-crafted and hand-painted Obama model airplane was inspired by Obama’s “inspirational campaign”;  “durable and beautifully designed for keeping for many years to come”.


for the kiddies: Barack, The Obama Children’s Book


The Obama wall clock:


How about this Obama tee-shirt?


The official “Yes We Can” Album/CD:


Here’s an idea! An Obama Ornament for Your Obama tree:


And it’s not too late to own a piece of history: the faux-leather-bound collector’s edition DVD of the “More Perfect Union” speech.


These are just a few ideas, of course. Without any effort at all, you can find many more unique gifts on the internet to give to the Obama cultist on your list.

A word to the cultists, though: Better secure that Obama National Holiday before he has a chance to…ya know ….screw things up too bad. That could be a deal breaker.


Uh oh. Looks like the Obama National Holiday promotion has hit some snags. There’s not as much support for the idea as originally thought. But the NAACP appears to be behind the idea:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, for one, was receptive if not officially behind the idea. Hilary Shelton, the national vice president of advocacy, said Obama’s election was of tremendous significance for “a community that was once enslaved.”

“Certainly this very historic moment in our history is something that should be recognized, commemorated and celebrated,” Shelton said.


The Smoking Gun (of all places!) lists some of the more worthless Obama crap for sale.

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18 thoughts on “Gift Giving Opportunities For The Upcoming Obama National Holiday

  1. ”My president is black,” read the T-shirts sported by Texas Southern University students in a photo on the cover of the City and State section last week.

    It is, or will be soon, a statement of fact, but it also seems to express other sentiments: pride, joy and, perhaps, astonishment.

    For one reader, though, it was enough to prompt a disapproving letter to the paper suggesting we might all just as well wear “My president is white” shirts for the rest of George W. Bush’s tenure.

    That would be fitting, if, just before the word “white,” you add the phrase “always has been.”

    Some of my fellow whites apparently are feeling a bit confused, disturbed and even threatened by all the smiling, chest-puffing, Obama T-shirt-wearing black folks strutting around like they run the country or something.

    Well, finally, for the first time in our nation’s history, someone who looks like them will be running the country. Can we blame them for celebrating?

    Yes, apparently, we can. Where some of us see pride, and share in it, others see divisiveness.

    “Unfortunately, all these good black Americans see is the color of a man’s skin,” read one comment under my column last week featuring the perspectives of 1960s freedom fighters.

    “I thought this election was not about race, but that’s pretty much all I’ve heard since the result was declared final,” wrote another, who went on to lament how Jesse Jackson wept openly, Condoleezza Rice “could barely contain herself” and a “usually composed Colin Powell was unabashedly happy that a black man was now our president.”

    Another reader e-mailed Viewpoints on Saturday, apparently in sarcastic response to the Houston Chronicle’s promotion of a special section on Obama’s historic win: “Is it still possible to get reprints of the special Sunday section highlighting George Bush when he was elected in 2000 or 2004?”

    A white loss
    All these people can’t be oblivious to the historic moment our country has just witnessed: A man who would have been sent to the back of the bus in the 1950s will soon be riding on Air Force One.

    Black schoolchildren learning about America’s presidents will finally find among the row of white faces an image that resembles their own.

    So why the sour grapes?

    “It’s a classic argument,” says Eric McDaniel, a University of Texas assistant professor who specializes in racial and ethnic politics. “The victory of a black person is automatically seen as a loss for white people.”

    Instead of a symbol of racial advancement, McDaniel says some whites may see themselves as losers in a zero-sum game.

    They see blacks as part of a special group looking out for their own, rather than members of the regular ol’ mainstream.

    “An Obama win is seen as like the oil companies winning,” McDaniel says. “It’s a special interest. People think, ‘He can’t represent me.’ ”

    There’s also the general discomfort among many white Americans with any and all reference to race or ethnicity. We have the luxury of being fatigued by the subject. It’s not something we like to talk about because, usually, we don’t have to. We’re rarely the only white people in the room, or the restaurant or the class.

    Biracial battle
    Then there are the whites, like some who have written me lately, who want to focus on the fact that Obama is half-white or biracial. While this is certainly true — and was the basis for Obama’s joke the other day likening himself to dog pound “mutts like me” — I’m not sure why it bothers some people to see Obama referred to as black.

    Are they seeking to dilute his blackness? Take something away from the victory for African-Americans? Or, maybe now that Obama’s the president-elect, some whites want to claim him as one of their own. If so, that might actually be refreshing.

    But, in a country that has long regarded anyone with one ounce of black blood as black, there’s no question Obama qualifies.

    As McDaniel, who is also black, put it: “If the Klan came knocking on Obama’s door, he’s in just enough trouble as me.”

    In the end, Obama’s win is a victory for equality in this country.

    And that’s something all of us should be able to appreciate, whether you’re black, white or brown and whether you voted for the guy or not.


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  3. What’s with the cut-and-paste corps? Is this really supposed to convince anybody of anything or heal the divide? I don’t know why Obama hasn’t turned off the “in-your-face” loons yet, but he’d be well advised to tell them to stand down.

    It’s making me think that we should have just deleted all the Obamanian comments as soon as they appeared. They weren’t looking for discussion, they were looking to promote their agenda and tie up the opposition.

    Just another example of the fundamental dishonesty of Obama and his crowd.


  4. This sort of article is funny – it’s tilting at windmills. Mainstream conservatives and bloggers never argued that Obama shouldn’t be elected because he’s black. We argued that he shouldn’t be elected just because he’s black – the same argument the libs made against Sarah Palin.

    I think most people on the right considered his race a feature, not a bug. And I don’t think anybody is unhappy at the prospect that the election result might help heal race relations – we just doubt that it’ll really have much effect. Being lectured again and again on the ramifications of the election of a minority is just tiresome. They’re just restating the points that were obvious in 2004, when the idea was first floated.

    Or maybe it’s still the only notable thing they can say about their candidate.


  5. The blacks said the same thing after the aquittal of OJ for murdering his wife and her waiter friend. A “screw you” to whitey.

    Well … we know how that worked out, don’t we?


  6. Also, I’m just as disturbed by the “smiling, chest-puffing, Obama T-shirt-wearing (WHITE) folks strutting around like they run the country or something”.

    The cultism is just creepy…skin tone doesn’t enter into it.


  7. I can’t help but to think that if Dr. King had watched this entire spectacle, he would have gone back and cried as he tore up the “I Have A Dream Speech”. But then, the triumph of form over substance has that effect on thinking people.

    There really is no legacy or ideal the Left will not betray in its all-consuming quest for power.


  8. Hey, what about a button that says “My President is an Oreo”?

    After all, he’s both. The fact that people voted for BO because he’s “black” just proves what stupid racists they really are in the first place.

    Day 2, Obamanation Occupation.


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  11. Well laugh all you want, but I feel Obama deserves all the applause he gets, and I for one am happy to add Obama ornaments to our Christmas tree. I got 5 Obama ornaments today right here. I’m giving them to all my Republican friends! (My Demo friends can buy their own Obama ornaments!) What’s wrong with some capitalism?!?


  12. I’m giving them to all my Republican friends!

    Girl….don’t waste your money! I can’t imagine any Republican, or frankly, anyone with taste, putting that ridiculous narcissist on his Christmas tree.


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