Another Possible Human Foot Has Washed Ashore In Canada

According to the police, it’s too early to say if the running shoe found near Vancouver contains the remains of a seventh human foot to have washed ashore in that region in the past 15 months, or…something else. Tests are still being done:

The couple who found the left foot shoe in a tidal flat area along the Fraser River on Tuesday told local media it contained a sock and what appeared to be human remains, which have now been turned over a coroner for DNA testing.

Five disembodied human feet have mysteriously floated ashore in the Canada’s Georgia Strait since August 2007, and sixth foot was found three months ago in adjacent U.S. waters near Port Angeles, Washington.

There has also been at least one shoe found that later turned out to be a hoax.

“Obviously due to the fact that a hoax was perpetrated previously and then extensively reported on we want to proceed cautiously until we know exactly what we are dealing with,” said Constable Annie Linteau of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Canadian and U.S. police have not been able to determine who any of the feet belonged to, but say there is no evidence they were victims of foul play. Two of the feet found in Canada belonged to the same unidentified person.

The left shoe found on Tuesday was made by New Balance, the same brand that contained a right foot that was found in the same area of Richmond, British Columbia in May, police said.

I found a handy-dandy interactive map via Mark Horner, Beyond 90 Seconds that provides:

  1. The locations of the six feet found prior to Tuesday’s discovery
  2. Photographs of 5 of the 6 shoes found prior to Tuesday
  3. Links to stories about the discovery of each foot

Here’s a news report out of BC on the gruesome discovery:

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Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

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