Halloween Horror In Idaho



Halloween night started out like any other Halloween night for the patrons of The Mint nightclub in Hailey, Idaho. Things started to get ugly when Lori M. Brutsche-Ely, 41, showed up, started stealing the other patrons’ beer, exposed herself to the band, and tried to start fights.

Hailey officer Shelly Pharis wrote in a probable cause affidavit that when she arrived at the bar she found Brutsche-Ely, completely unclothed, outside and in front of the nightclub yelling at Mint security personnel and patrons who had followed the fracas outside.

Brutsche-Ely was charged with four crimes for things she allegedly did in or outside of the Mint. The misdemeanor indecent exposure charge alleges that Brutsche-Ely illegally exposed her private parts in public, while the misdemeanor battery charge alleges that she kicked Mint security man Mike Kimball in the groin.

She’s been charged with eight crimes, five of them felonies. Four  of the five felony counts are battery against police officers or jailers, and another felony for allegedly destroying jail equipment, and misdemeanor charges of battery, indecent exposure and malicious injury to property.

She was a mean drunk.

The defendant was formally charged with the crimes on Nov. 3 in Blaine County Magistrate Court. Bond was set at $100,000 and public defender Douglas Werth was appointed to represent Brutsche-Ely.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

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