Your Sunday Video: Islamists Cheer Sharia Law In Britain; Taunt Pat Condell

Great job, Brits. When the enemies of civilization are cheering you, that’s your clue that you did something wrong:

Here’s Pat Condell speaking some of his “nonsense”:

H/T: Weasel Zippers


Robert Spencer has written about “the stealth jihad” in Britain. Now, he has written about what’s going on  here in America in a new book called, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam Is Subverting America Without Guns Or Bombs. Don’t think it can happen, here? Think again.

2 thoughts on “Your Sunday Video: Islamists Cheer Sharia Law In Britain; Taunt Pat Condell

  1. I think it’s about time someone reminded the Brits that in a few years, weapons will be outlawed and confiscated in America too … so they better try to find someone else to save their sorry asses next time.


  2. To Pat Condell: Please forward me your web page so I can spread it over to all my family and friends. We are bracing ourselves here in the U.S. because we sense a revolution, if the Sharia law gets any closer to us. Obama had 64 million of foreign currancy supporting his campaiyn. We learning more about the Muslims tactics from what we have heard from brigette gabriel with congress for america. You may want to get on her web page just google her and hear her story. Communicating and getting the word around is vital while we still can, so please forward your page and I’ll pass it on. If I were a resident of Britain I would definiately be writing my letters and informing the people to fight this until it is defeated. May God move in your country and stay in ours too and move in our behalf; us with morals, Godliness, and standards upholding freedoms to live free and not under the control of others. God Bless you and pray for our nation, as now we have Obama, voted in based on his color and not the content of his character, which reveals a passion of power and control over our nation. He’s pulling all the most ungodly people of the past back into the white house and cheating to get control of the house so the other voice of the people cannot come against his agenda. But there will be a revolution when he begins in his attempt to hide his agends, we pray that God will reveal openly his wickedness. So we are getting prepared, but first educated and supporting wise counsel we are spreading awareness. God Bless


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