“Absolutely”… I mean… “No”… I Mean “Show Me”…I mean “It Was A Stupid Thing”…

Friggin’ douchebag, Ayers can’t get his story straight. When asked about it during a book-signing, he couldn’t decide whether he should cop to dedicating his Communist manifesto, Prairie Fire,  to Sirhan Sirhan, (among other reprobates), plead the fifth, or deny it all. So we ended up with this mangled explanation.

You can’t blame him. Obama’s Fight The Smears website probably hasn’t taken an official  position on that, yet.

Kudos to Kerry Picket from Newsbusters for asking the question, and recording that little bit of unpleasantness for posterity.

And don’t let his obfuscation cloud his chilling last words in this exchange:

It was a manifesto to all prisoners, and if I were writing a book like that today, I would dedicate it to 2.1 million people in prison. I think it was a stupid thing to single him out, but I also think that we have created a monster in the prison system. We ought to abolish the prison system. That’s what I think.

Obama’s “family friend”, unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers is a barking idiot, but a dangerous one, and one who most certainly did “exchange ideas” with him, as they sat on boards and panels together. And don’t forget that Obama found Ayers’ book on the Illinois Juvenile Court system, A Kind And Just Parent “searing and timeless”.

Also keep in mind that Ayers and Dohrn have yet another searing and timeless book about to be released, concerning, *SURPRISE!* “White Supremacy”:

White supremacy and its troubling endurance in American life is debated in these personal essays by two veteran political activists. Arguing that white supremacy has been the dominant political system in the United States since its earliest days—and that it is still very much with us—the discussion points to unexamined bigotry in the criminal justice system, election processes, war policy, and education. The book draws upon the authors’ own confrontations with authorities during the Vietnam era, reasserts their belief that racism and war are interwoven issues, and offers personal stories about their lives today as parents, teachers, and reformers.

Unexamined bigotry? We just elected our first black President. Largely because he’s black. How’s that for searing and timeless?


2 thoughts on ““Absolutely”… I mean… “No”… I Mean “Show Me”…I mean “It Was A Stupid Thing”…

  1. “We ought to abolish the prison system. That’s what I think.”

    Oh, I agree!

    I’ve said for a long time we (cops) should be able to execute these scumbags on the street and save the expense of trying them in a liberal court, with a liberal scumbag attorney, and having some nitwit “judge” let them loose on BS “technicalities” like Ayers.

    As my buddies in Texas often say … “some people just need killing. Cleanse the gene pool some.”


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