Soros Fund-raising For Franken


Something is very wrong here….

Left-wing billionaire financier George Soros is using his financial muscle at a Manhattan fund-raiser tonight to help Al Franken win a recount in Minnesota’s Senate election.

Soros – the hedge-fund honcho and sugar daddy of the Democratic Party – will host a soirée for Franken at his Carnegie Hill digs to help cover the candidate’s costs to monitor the statewide recount.

How much money does it take to steal an election?

Is ACORN involved?

Secretary of State, Mark (Democrat and proud) Ritchie, is the man in charge of the recount efforts:

Though Ritchie said he leaves his politics at the door when he comes to work, Republicans are suspicious. Conservatives have pointed out Ritchie’s ties to the community activist group ACORN, which has been linked to dubious voter registrations in several states. Another group, Minnesota Majority, has criticized Ritchie for not jumping on questions it has raised about the soundness of the state’s voter rolls.

Minnesota Republicans are right to be concerned. Check out the blatant lie, the always razor sharp Megyn Kelly catches Ritchie telling:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed, your go-to blog for all the latest info on the MN recount efforts reported this interesting nugget from the MinnPost, yesterday:

“Even the observers and lawyers have been instructed by their respective campaigns to not talk to the media. But Minneapolis lawyer Bill Starr, who is volunteering for the Franken campaign, was willing to say a few words. He said he thinks Franken will prevail. His hunch is based on a theory he has.

‘People who voted for Coleman are more likely to have taken the SAT in their lifetime,’ he said. ‘They’ve filled in circles. Franken voters are probably not college-educated. They’re new voters and immigrants. They’ve been brought in by groups like ACORN, from the inner cities. They’re more likely to make mistakes. I’ve bounced this off of minority people, and they agree with me.’”

Good thing a Republican didn’t say anything like that, huh?

The recount data so far, with 42.33% of the ballets recounted, shows 43.28% for Coleman, and 40.07% for Franken.

Let’s pray that Coleman squeaks this one out.

5 thoughts on “Soros Fund-raising For Franken

  1. Ya know, this is a state that elected a washed up, never was, clown of a “pro wrestler” as Governor a few years ago. Should we be surprised by anything those nitwits who would elect such a man Governor would do in electing a Senator?

    It follows … a washed up, never was, untalented, so-called “comedian” going right for the top – a Senator, no less – instead of earning some experience in the lower house first.

    But then the Dems are rife with egomaniacs, aren’t they?

    Rhetorical question – no answer required.


  2. Minnesota has been off the deep end for years. I used to have a lake cabin up there, but they started making incentives for any derelict, pervert, deviant and radical nutcase on earth to move there and boy did they ever come. Fortunately, I found Panama. Land of the Free and Guardian of Free Market Capitalism. (like the US used to be)


  3. Actually moving all depends on when my house is built, but building a house there is not the same as it is here. It is supposed to be ready in June, but to be honest the only time it seems there is any progress made is when I go down there. I’ve been told by several expats that when someone tells you six months in Panama, never expect it in less than a year. From what I have seen first hand they are correct. I was told it would take them a month to build my dock so they could start building. After one month I had 20 of the 40 foot poles that they needed.

    They take their laid back life seriously down there.


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