The Bush Snub That Wasn’t

When I saw the Bush snub story, yesterday, I suspected that we weren’t being treated to the whole story, and I was right. I’m only posting CNN’s correction because this story went viral, yesterday, and the schadenfreude on the left was palpable.

Turns out all of the world’s leaders don’t hate President Bush, after all. Even Angela Merkel, who was once grievously molested by Bush, shook hands warmly with the President.

Ed Morrissey asks an obvious question:

So where does this leave Rick Sanchez? How does a show host recover from having his own network rip apart his reporting as puerile and uninformed? Move to MS-NBC, where those qualities have value?

Sounds about right.

Oh Goodie! Just In Time For Christmas

You can now eat off of Barack Obama’s face, but is it dishwasher safe?:


You can own a piece of history, folks…..”commemorating the day the world changed forever”… (Why do I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read that)?

If the Obama Victory Plate doesn’t strike your fancy, there are always these amazing Obama products for the cultist on your shopping list.

Gay Activist Thumps Christian Woman With Bible

See how tolerant they are?

Poor little thing. She’s the epitome of Christian grace, and humility, and at such a young age!

It’s funny how liberals are so convinced that Christians want to impose their will on everyone.

Yet they’re the ones who are trying to change the definition of marriage, and force everyone to accept it. They’re the ones who impose speech codes on campus, and support a “fairness Doctrine” on conservative talk radio.  They’re the ones who ask some to pay more in taxes to “spread the wealth around”. They’re the gun, cigarette, and fatty food  grabbers, they’re the ones who would force Christian hospitals to perform abortions against their will, and Christian churches to perform gay marriages against their will. They are the ones who will bankrupt whole industries by demanding costly, and ineffective environmental standards.

But the little girl who just wanted to give witness to her faith by singing “Amazing Grace” is the fascist.

We are living in crazy, backwards times.


Police in riot gear had to escort a small group of Christians from a street corner in San Francisco, a few days ago (not sure if it’s Christine Cloud’s group, or another one):

More examples of Christians under attack by the gay hordes here, Looks like it’s open season on Christians…Is anyone else feeling apocalyptic, these days? If so, you’re in pretty good company.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit