Gay Activist Thumps Christian Woman With Bible

See how tolerant they are?

Poor little thing. She’s the epitome of Christian grace, and humility, and at such a young age!

It’s funny how liberals are so convinced that Christians want to impose their will on everyone.

Yet they’re the ones who are trying to change the definition of marriage, and force everyone to accept it. They’re the ones who impose speech codes on campus, and support a “fairness Doctrine” on conservative talk radio.  They’re the ones who ask some to pay more in taxes to “spread the wealth around”. They’re the gun, cigarette, and fatty food  grabbers, they’re the ones who would force Christian hospitals to perform abortions against their will, and Christian churches to perform gay marriages against their will. They are the ones who will bankrupt whole industries by demanding costly, and ineffective environmental standards.

But the little girl who just wanted to give witness to her faith by singing “Amazing Grace” is the fascist.

We are living in crazy, backwards times.


Police in riot gear had to escort a small group of Christians from a street corner in San Francisco, a few days ago (not sure if it’s Christine Cloud’s group, or another one):

More examples of Christians under attack by the gay hordes here, Looks like it’s open season on Christians…Is anyone else feeling apocalyptic, these days? If so, you’re in pretty good company.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

9 thoughts on “Gay Activist Thumps Christian Woman With Bible

  1. I live in California, and now the California Supreme Court will strike down the will of the people (prop #8). Do the millions of citizens of this great country understand what’s going on here? Do they understand what is comming for them? Knock, knock, knock…hello…anybody there? Ever hear of the term…. Government…of the people…by the people…for the people? Say bye bye to that concept. Our government, state and federal have decided we are much to stupid to think for ourselves. They know best, and will make decisions for all of us. This includes education, religion, medical, sex, homes, cars, careers, children, the whole ball of wax……….
    WAKE UP…..never mind, it’s too late!


  2. Oh, and one more thing on this subject:

    The terms Mother, Father, Husband and Wife will be banned from our language. Think I’m kidding? This legislation (a ban on these terms) has been introduced several times in our California state assembly. The bill would ban these terms from grade school books. It basically said these terms are “OFFENSIVE”. It won’t be long before it’s law.

    Group Think Baby…..


  3. If its worth having, its worth fighting for.

    I only have one cheek to turn, which means you only get two hits. Too many people are trying to take away a world that makes sense and replace it with a world that meets the standards of today, whatever they may be.

    Civilization is a risk, and the pushback is coming.


  4. While going through some of my things this morning, I found hidden away what a colleague gave to me back in 1989 — a piece of the Berlin Wall. This little hunk of concrete reminds me nothing fabricated by humans, including lies, will get in the way of God’s will. In due time.

    The power to “remove hearts of stone” and replace them with “hearts of flesh” with His Spirit (Ez 36:26) belongs to God. We can hang in there.


  5. The terms Mother, Father, Husband and Wife will be banned from our language. Think I’m kidding?

    Sparky, I’ve been seeing that push, here in MO, for years. First in the girl scouts when my daughter was invited to a “Significant Male role model” and scout dance, (instead of a Father/daughter dance) I remember telling her girl scout leader, “‘significant male?’ Like a boyfriend or something? She’s in third grade!” She sheepishly explained that the girl scouts were no longer using the “exclusionary” mother and father.

    That was the beginning of the end for us with the girl scout organization.

    That term, and “guardian” are now used instead of parents, or mother and father on public school forms.

    As always, the people doing the censoring are liberals


  6. Christine Cloud is a LYING Christian.

    Her group DOES want to convert homosexuals. She belongs to the Justice House Of Prayer. Their head pastor, Lou Engle, is affiliated with Joel’s Army, a Christian Dominionist sect that advocates the stoning to death of homosexuals and the overthrow of American democracy in favor of a theocratic Taliban-style government ruled by Biblical law.

    Google: Joel’s Army and Lou Engle. Read what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about them. They are dangerous militant advocates for a Christian version of sharia law in the United States.

    Watch their videos on YouTube in which they passionately talk about their mission to convert homosexuals. Find Lou Engle’s YouTube video titled “the Elijah-Jezebel Showdown” in which he brings up one of the Castro group to tell her story. So much for the 9th commandment, Christine, you lying liar.

    YES, it was VERY wrong what happened to her. But it is outrageous that she now pretends they were in the Castro merely to “spread the good word about Jesus Christ.” If not to convert, then why would they be there at all?

    LIES LIES LIES. And on national television.


  7. Here’s what The Justice House Of Prayer, the group she belongs to says:

    God is looking for revolutionaries who will lay down their lives in prayer and fasting out of great love for Him and the people His heart is breaking for. The times demand that we live holy and consecrate ourselves before Him. He is looking for revolutionaries that will be clothed in love and walk in humility. It’s time we come out of our caves and pour into every realm of culture, walking in the boldness and power of the Holy Spirit.

    I didn’t see anything there that was radical, or hateful.

    I don’t see anything about trying to overthrow the government and replace it with a theocracy. They use strong terms, like “Christian revolution”, which is unfortunate because it sounds so intimidating, but from what I could glean from their website, they only mean to change hearts, and save souls. I did see some left wing sites that made the sorts of allegations you are making

    This may surprise you, but Evangelicals feel compelled by their religion to spread the Gospel, and convert sinners. I’m sorry that’s so offensive to you.


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