This Week’s Creepy Obama Cult Product

Move over Patchouli oil! You have been officially replaced!


“Yes We Can” perfume has been spotted in our finer stores, this shopping season! Better stock up for the Obama fan on your Christmas list….these babies are probably going fast. (I wish I were joking…I’m not).

This product is actually a copycat; a slicker version of this, and this….. and this?!

I was wondering if George Bush ever had his own perfume, so I did some googling. Banana Republic carries a perfume called,  “W”.

Something tells me it’s not meant to be a tribute to our current President, but so what? Get it anyway and give it to your favorite liberal for Christmas.

See here and here for more gift giving ideas for Obama groupie on your list.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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15 thoughts on “This Week’s Creepy Obama Cult Product

  1. You know…his perfume will look awesome right in between Paris Hilton, and Britney’s perfume in the department stores.

    McCain’s celebrity ads barely scratched the surface.


  2. The guy has to give his approval for these products to use his name and likeness…and he gets a kick back, I’m sure…ya know?

    It just seems sooo inappropriate…

    He’s acting like a scam artist…not the President of the United States.

    Have we ever seen such narcissism in one of our Presidents? Nobody even comes close. Not even Billy Jeff.


  3. Toilet paper, doormat, kool-aid cup, all good. How bout B. Hussein Dramamine, or is that just for motion sickness? Help a sister out. BHO Pepto. What are people going to do with all this stuff after he destroys our country. What about the poor school being named after him in NY. Think of the children.


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