No Black Friday Shopping For Me


What a relief.

My attempt last year was an epic fail. Shopping just ain’t my thing.

We are going to be on the road, today, so I’m escaping the temptation to run out like a maniac and hit all the awesome sales.

I’m going to be more thoughtful and methodical this year in my Christmas shopping, anyway – fewer presents for the kids, but focusing on the “big” things they want…not lots and lots of little things.

When I get home, I guess I’ll take a gander at the ads and see what’s on sale this weekend…but the first thing I’m going to do is put up the beautiful new wreath I bought at a craft show a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to put that thing up since I got it.

– Gotta run!

5 thoughts on “No Black Friday Shopping For Me

  1. Probably a good call staying in today; we are shopping on line mostly this year, too.

    As you probably know, people went shopping today at a Walmart in Long Island, and some will never come back from the experience

    If that story is too banal, there is some good garden variety evil to be found in accounts of the terror attacks in Mumbai, especially as the casualty list grows.

    There are still some reasons to Hope this year, though.



  2. Weanies. We overslept, but still hit Kohl’s at 5 am.

    Of course then we stood in the checkout line for over an hour, but hey!! The deals!!


  3. I don’t bother with any of it. I go to my bank and get those FREE Visa debit cards they have for customers in any amount from $25-$500. 13-20 minutes and I’m DONE.


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