My Living-Room Christmas Tree


I have collected a formidable amount of Christmas ornaments over the years. My mother and law sent us (my husband and I, plus each of our six children) Hallmark Christmas ornaments for more Decembers than I can count. Add those to the ones I have bought myself at various stores, craft sales and even garage sales. Add those to the hand-crafted ornaments (from my crafty period) and the ones the kids have made at school….it all adds up to a whopping number of ornaments. Way more than can be displayed on one tree, or two trees even. I have also amassed an amazing amount of Christmas decor throughout the years as I enjoy decorating for Christmas.

So starting today, I will feature a pictorial a day until Christmas of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Just for the fun of it. If you’re not in the Christmas spirit yet, you will be, soon.

My living-room tree is the hodgepodge tree, loaded with the most Hallmark ornaments, and highly valued sentimental favorites that date back to when I helped my now college age son make some homemade ornaments at age two. This tree is also laden with many of the cute hand made ornaments the kids made in school.


I have six versions of this fingerprint reindeer.    We make these cute cinnamon stick reindeer at home.


We have scads of picture ornaments, like these. # 4 made a sweet baby angel. That’s #6 inside the wreath.


We love our Irish dancer ornaments.


Our Nativity Scene is surrounded by angel ornaments, (and shepherd boy on the left, wise man on far right).


I painted this Santa gourd, myself.                                A photo cut out of #2 from the grandparents

Okay, you’re off the hook, for today, but tomorrow I’ll be back with my dining-room tree.

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Info on Christmas tree fire hazards, here.

15 thoughts on “My Living-Room Christmas Tree

  1. Your tree looks lovely! Don’t have anything up yet, this weekend will be crunch time tho. Hell, my turkey S&P shakers are still on the table and the punkin ones are on the counter waiting to be put away. Never enough time! Thanks for sharing your pics!


  2. Beautiful tree and home, Deb. We share tastes in decorations – our tee has ornaments left to me by my mom that are easily 65-70 years old (I’m 62, so…).

    I guess we’ll be putting our tree up this weekend. My son did the outside because of my physical problems this year.

    Merry CHRISTmas:)


  3. Where to start – you’d be asleep by the time I finished:) Start with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disk disease, 3 heart attacks, triple bypass, and just finished radiation for prostate cancer. Phew. Plus assorted things from 25 years on the job way too numerous to go into.


  4. Deb you’re helping me get into the Christmas spirit with your beautiful deco-efforts. Lookin’ good there!

    I’ll have to get started soon… very soon.


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