Anti-Missile Test Successful

Via Breitbart:

The Pentagon on Friday successfully intercepted a target missile during the testing of a US missile defense system, Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said.

So is Obama still going to “cut investments in unproven missile defense systems”, like he promised?

Finally, Even-Handed Treatment Of The Obama Birth Certificate Controversy By An MSM Outlet

Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times covered the story today in an article that was actually respectful of the bloggers asking questions. Most of the media, including some of the bigger conservative bloggers have been dismissive of the story, calling it “trutherism”.

He discusses the Berg and Donofrio cases at length, and how the story died after the Berg Case was dismissed by the Supreme Court:

But not on the blogs and obscure Web sites of the Internet, and the buzz returned in full throat this week. Even Pravda, once the mouthpiece of the Soviet Communist Party, has taken notice with a highly flavored account, accusing Mr. Obama of admitting he was not a legal citizen, which he has not.

The gist of the accusations is that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya and his Hawaiian birth certificate is fraudulent, that it was filed through a loophole in Hawaii law that allows a birth to U.S. citizens in a foreign country to be registered as a live birth in Hawaii. The Obama campaign released a copy of the birth certificate, but not the original, and Hawaii officials, citing privacy concerns, said no one could see the original unless Mr. Obama authorized access, which he has not done.

This has led to furious speculation on the Internet that Mr. Obama’s parents returned to Hawaii with him shortly after his birth and simply registered his Kenyan birth certificate, certified by the doctor who delivered him and by the hospital where he was born, with the Hawaii Department of Health. Why, these skeptics ask, won’t the president-elect authorize release of the original Hawaii certificate and squelch speculation once and for all?

It’s a good question, though lack of his asking doesn’t prove anything.

The Constitution stipulates that only “natural born” citizens are eligible to be president, and this has been interpreted to mean “born in the U.S.A.”

Like most everyone else ( including me), he thinks the justices, “who can read election returns as well as the law”, will dismiss this case also.

Obama’s Investigators

Some interesting  details are coming out about the Joe the Plumber “improper” child support check instigated by Job and Family Services Director Helen Jones-Kelley:

The checks came the day after Republican presidential nominee John McCain talked about Wurzelbacher in his final presidential debate Oct. 15 with Democrat Barack Obama.

The next day, Niekamp said, Assistant Deputy Director Carri Brown asked her to check the state child-support computer system for Wurzelbacher.

Brown “claimed that he had contacted our agency with a dispute about how much child support he owed,” Niekamp said.

Niekamp, who did not recognize the name, said Brown took some notes, thanked her and left.

A week later, (Deputy Director, Doug) Thompson came to her office with a different explanation — that he, Jones-Kelley and assistant director Fred Williams had requested the check.

Niekamp says that when Thompson came into her office, “He appeared very upset, his neck was bright red, and he was shaking. He closed my door.”

“Doug told me that the person Carri had asked me to look up was Joe the Plumber — the one who was talked about in the national news. He said he needed my help explaining something,” Niekamp said.

“Doug then told me I must write an e-mail to our agency’s information-security officer to explain why the file had been accessed. He turned my computer screen so he could see it and dictated word for word what he wanted me to write. …

“He then told me that we needed to make sure that we answer questions about what happened the same way, so that our versions were not different from each other. Before he said that, he reminded me that I was an unclassified employee — which, as you may know, is someone who can be fired without cause.”

Thompson also received a wrist slap when his involvement was discovered –  a one month suspension.  Three others received even lesser punishment.

An Ohio Republican is  introducing a bill that would increase the penalty for such malfeasance because she thinks that the high-ranking officials weren’t punished enough.

“The systematic misuse of government databases and the governor’s woeful under-reaction to state government workers engaging in this outrageous behavior make House Bill 648 necessary,” she told the committee.

I’ll be very surprised with the Dems in power, if this check against Government corruption will go anywhere.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if the chain of command didn’t end with  Job and Family Services Director Helen Jones-Kelley. IYKWIMAITYD.

Obama has a history of using any tactic available to eliminate rivals, including investigating their personal records.

During the 1996 race for the IL State Senate seat that Obama won, he challenged the signature sheets of incumbent Alice J. Palmer and two others and sued to remove them from the ballot. Consequently,  Obama ran unopposed.

In the Democrats’ 2004 Primary Race for the Illinois U.S. Senate, candidate Blair Hull had a substantial lead over Barack Obama and five others.  But when Blair Hull became the target of Media backed political and personal attacks, fueled by Obama’s flame hunters with “ALLEGATIONS” of domestic abuse, Hull slid in the polls.

Obama won his Senate seat after Jack Ryan stepped down because of a sex scandal. The scandal broke after Obamamedia pressed to have Ryan’s confidential divorce records unsealed.

This well established  modus operandi continued throughout the 2008 campaign.

He threatened to sic the Department of Justice on t.v. and radio stations and The American Issues Project for running truthful ads that were damaging to him.

In Missouri, Obama supporting Prosecutors formed “truth squads” and threatened to prosecute anyone who “made a false statement” about Obama; a “false statement” being anything that didn’t pass muster with his laughable “Fight The Smears” website.

The Obamedia’s treatment of Sarah Palin should still be fresh in everyone’s minds…it was open season on the Alaska Governor the minute she hit the national stage. A member of his own campaign was heard trashing her ability as a parent in a radio interview, even after he had publicly promised to fire any member of his campaign staff who did so. The staffer was never fired.

The trumped up “Troopergate” charges against her in Alaska were pursued by an Obama loyalist, and culminated in  the most ridiculous and despicable October Surprise in modern history. The Alaska Personnel Board subsequently cleared her of any wrong doing…on November 3, the eve of the election, but the damage was done.

The feeding frenzy has subsided, but she continues to suffer barbs and slings from the Obamedia even to this day.

When Palin and McCain started mentioning  ACORN’s voter fraud and Obama’s connection to it, Obama’s campaign attorney asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to “add a probe into allegedly false Republican claims of voter fraud to the investigation into the firings of U.S. attorneys”.

But, as always, Obama managed to stay above it all.

All of this has ominous implications for anyone who dares to get in his way, now that he’s been elected to the most powerful position in the world.

Oh well, it’s all water under the bridge, now. 67,000,000 people voted for Obama… we should just shut up and accept it. I hear it’s “trutherism” to question any shady,  improper, dishonest, or illegal methods he may have  used to get those people to vote for him.

Successful cheaters apparently deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

Obama Soda Now???

Wish I were kidding:


A French businessman has named a fizzy drink after US President-elect Barack Obama.

The high-energy drink will raise money for an educational charity based in one of the troubled Paris suburbs.

Obama Soda goes up for auction in January.

I bet it tastes like carbonated koolaid.

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