Video: Ayers Concedes To Chris Matthews – Peaceful Demonstrations Were “Perhaps” More Effective Than Bombs

Really, the MSM needs to quit giving this dishonest douche a forum for his insane views:

For a rebuttal, read Charles Lane’s article in The Washington Post, today that slaps down  Ayers’ disgusting attempts to rewrite history.

Mumbai Terrorist Kept In Undies So He Won’t Choke Himself On Clothes



The police in Mumbai are taking great pains to keep the sole surviving terrorist from committing suicide:

Azam, 21, is being held in rooms without any furniture or fittings he could conceivably use to harm himself with, The Independent reported.

If there is a fan, it is attached to a ceiling that is at least 3m high.

‘We frequently move him so no one knows his exact location,’ said police sources.

He is kept in his underwear as police fear he may swallow his clothes in order to choke himself.

An officer from Mumbai police’s crime branch tastes all his food to ensure it is not poisoned, Mumbai Mirror reported.

He is fed a simple diet of tea and bread for breakfast, lentils and chapattis (Indian wheat bread) for lunch and more pulses and rice for dinner.

I wonder what the food tasting officer did to get that job?

Also, the Indian police are reportedly considering “truth serum” to get more answers out of him.

Hat tip:

Crime Scene KC

Neighbor’s Elaborate Christmas Display Causes Disturbance


Here’s a nice holiday story out of Chubuck, Idaho.  Some folks found a Christmas display to be a “nuisance”….”complained”…police tried to work out a compromise with “irked neighbors”…etc. etc…

Gee, what a bunch of Scrooges…oh, wait.

It wasn’t so much the display…it was the sign that said, “Honk if you like our lights.”

The po-po got the home owners to take down the sign…problem solved.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC