10 thoughts on “Video: Bush In Iraq

  1. You have obviously never been in the military or your would recognize a dog and pony show when you see it. Do you think that the troops around him weren’t stage props? Seriously. And I sure haven’t seen any home-made youtube vids like we saw when Obama visited the troops last summer.

    I didn’t back him from the get-go and was originally put off by his supporters. But he won in an electoral landslide, and that is a hell of a lot more than can be said of the selected sociopath you still seem intent on propping up.


  2. Those “props” sure let out an impressive, loud roar when the “sociopath’s” name was announced. I guess they were all under strict orders to yell like that, and I suppose they were also forced to take all those pictures of, and line up to shake the hand of, someone they surely hate, because what would a dog and pony show be, without such strictly enforced niceties.

    Annnnnd……I’m finding it very hard to believe that someone who has actually been in the military for 20 years would give himself the self-congratulatory and braggadocios handle, “I Did My 20. You?”

    Just sayin’.


  3. Just sick of you lot, and not stancing stoic like a Beefeater any longer. Since my 20 is up, I’m no longer bound by protocol and I can tell you chickenhawk morons what I really think of you. (Not much.)


  4. I doubt he was ever in. He’s no longer “bound by protocol?” What a load.

    Why do the libs even try this? They get caught every time.


  5. You must have been Air Farce.

    Hey – easy there. I had to pull 4 years of tough duty in Southern California. You know, too much time at the beach can increase long-term health care risks, but did we get hazardous duty pay? No, we had to tough it out with nothing between us and the sun but thin covering of beach babes.

    And I don’t think they were even SPF20.


  6. Hey – easy there. I had to pull 4 years of tough duty in Southern California.

    hehehehe … okay – you win that one! Do you get Purple Hearts for sunburn, I wonder?


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