Disturbing Mugshot


As a result of her most recent mugshot, this poor, demented woman has been nicknamed, “Cousin Itt”:

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrested 50-year-old Carol Ann McCaleb this week on charges of simple battery. According to an incident report, McCaleb was harassing a person at the Travelodge hotel in Port Richey on Saturday when a hotel clerk asked her to leave. McCaleb became irate, claimed to be God’s wife and spit in the clerk’s face.

If I were God, I’d ask for a divorce.

There’s no picture posted for that arrest. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kevin Doll said McCaleb was so violent when she was being booked that deputies just put her in a cell. In a booking photo taken in November, however, McCaleb’s mouth and the tip of her nose are exposed — but the rest of her face is obscured by her hair. No eyes, no forehead, no cheeks, just a cascade of blond locks.

She’s been arrested eight times since 2006.

Anyone care to take a stab at her preferred drug of choice?  I have no idea, myself. The article offered no clues…but I’m guessing  she’s on…something.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

4 thoughts on “Disturbing Mugshot

  1. She actually looks like 13% of the clientele of Travelodge. Remove all of her teeth but 1 1/2, and she will shoot right up to 70%. Sadly, 15% are out of towners who don’t realize what they’re getting into, and then 2% are guys from Tampa who come Port Richey to have cheap sex with the first 83%.


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