What The Shoe-Throwers Teach Us

Maybe this is what liberals call…”a teaching moment”.

Iraqi moonbat, Muntazer al-Zaidi really started something. After his two famous throws of one shoe after the other at President Bush ( missing him both times), it seems there are many copycats out there that want to get in on the shoe-throwing action.

In Baghdad’s Shiite slum of Sadr City, thousands of supporters of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr burned American flags to protest against Bush and called for the release of al-Zeidi.

“Bush, Bush, listen well: Two shoes on your head,” the protesters chanted in unison.

In Najaf, a Shiite holy city, some protesters threw their shoes at an American patrol as it passed by. Witnesses said the American troops did not respond and continued on their patrol.


In Gaza, 2008 was declared “The year of the shoe”.


Code Pink, (surprising no one) took the opportunity to hold a shoe throwing event outside of the White House. Anything to get some face time on the news, I guess.

Other assorted moonbats got in on the act, as well, creating a website for like minded exhibitionists:


A shoe throwing contest, organized by the Mohammad Rassoolollah Brigade, was held December 26th  in Tehran, after the Friday prayers:


shoe-toss5This is how people behave right after they get through praying?

I imagine all of the people in these photos are as pleased as punch with our new President elect, because he represents change…a change from that abominable cretin Bush,  because we all hate the President so very, very much.

Or do we?

Headquarters 18th Airborne Corps Public Affairs
14 Dec 2008 Baghdad IQ:

AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq, Sept. 3, 2007:

The soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen in the audience gave the president a rousing welcome. Calls of “Hooah” came from the soldiers and “Oorah” from the Marines, many of whom have had multiple deployments to the region.

“I want to tell you this about … my decision about troop levels,” the president said. “Those decisions will be based on a calm assessment by our military commanders on the conditions on the ground – not a nervous reaction by Washington politicians to poll results in the media.”




Obama recently visited some Marines in Hawaii:


I believe his reception was described as, “polite”:

The diners represented seven military units — Marine and Navy — some of whom were joined by their families for Christmas dinner.

As Obama entered the room, it was absent of the regular fanfare of cheering and clapping. The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up.

But….the shoe-throwers love him.


7 thoughts on “What The Shoe-Throwers Teach Us

  1. Yes, Bush is so popular with the troops and Americans.

    No, in fact Bush is The Worst President in American History and the only ones who like him are those who are ordered to do so. That’s why Bush has only made “public” appearances to the military. Soldiers have to respect their Commander in Chief.

    So using the military as some sort of popularity metric for either man is pointless. Put the two men on at the Superbowl, which one is going to get the most cheers?


  2. in fact Bush is The Worst President in American History

    You forgot your trademark symbol – you don’t want to get sued for repeating the liberal mantra without attribution, do you?

    the only ones who like him are those who are ordered to do so

    I applaud your diligence in finding every military member who likes Bush and determining whether they were ordered to do so. That must have taken years of hard work! Kudos!!

    So using the military as some sort of popularity metric for either man is pointless.

    Outstanding!! You derive this from your unsubstantiated claims, yet pronounce it as if it was proven!! Supporting your thesis with invented facts – Dan Rather would be so proud!!

    Put the two men on at the Superbowl, which one is going to get the most cheers?

    A better comparison would be to put them in the Super Bowl after having served their terms. I suspect that you’d be unpleasantly surprised at the results.


  3. How about this “metric”:

    Compare the popularity of George Bush a week or two after 9/11, after he had shown the world his mettle, and Obama, a week or two after we are are attacked again.

    Something tells me, the American people are not going to be impressed with the lame, weak-kneed response they will see from Obummer.


  4. Oh, and the behavior of that soldier in the video Salvage linked to was disgraceful. It reflects badly on her, not Bush.

    The troops in the chow hall were at least polite, and respectful to Obama.


  5. All thrown shoes need to be systematically gathered and burned. This will have a very salutary effect in the fairly immediate future, I think. Sooner or later, shoes will be valued again as footwear, to protect the feet, rather than as missiles.

    Further, when shoes are thrown, it would be quite satisfactory to respond with a hail of tacks to carpet the ground. This will do no harm to those with their shoes where they belong, but the barefoot will have some difficulties.


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