2008 Mugshots Of The Year

The Smoking Gun has their 20 best mugshots from 2008 up. Among the usual dangerous and disturbed wackos, are the inevitable silly goobers who somehow managed to get themselves into a heap-o-trouble. My favorite, The Mad Cow:


The back-story:

Meet Michele Allen. The Ohio woman, 32, was arrested Saturday night after she got liquored up and began chasing kids and blocking traffic in her Middletown neighborhood. Allen was wearing a cow costume at the time of her arrest, as can be seen in the below mug shots (one of which includes a clear shot of Allen’s udder). A police report does not indicate why she was so dressed. Allen pleaded guilty yesterday to disorderly conduct and sentenced to a month in the local lockup.

Hat tip: My Blog awards nemesis Exurban League, ( I was doing a little opposition research)…check them out for more 2008 “best of”  lists.

Uggghhh: Obama Soap-On-A-Rope

Or Dope-on-a-rope as Moonbattery calls it:


Not sure this was a good idea….

The  product website gushes:

What we’ve all been waiting for — a little hope, and Barack’s the man for the job. We made him purple, because we here at dugshop feel that he’s a true uniter, there are no red or blue states, we’re all purple.

These people are delusional.

Previous Obamuninst Cult items, noted at Nice Deb:

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Speaking Of Hubris….

Weblog Awards Finalists Announced

Some finalists of note, (from the Weblog Award Finalist Page):

Best Blog

Hot Air
Daily Kos
Huffington Post
Ben Smith – Politico
The Consumerist
Andrew Sullivan
Comment is free…
Boing Boing
Threat Level Wired Blogs
Who even ARE some of those??? Hot Air has a good chance because it’s the only good choice for conservatives that I can see.

Best Individual Blogger

Amanda Hill – Shamelessly Sassy
Vilmar – The Urban Grind
field negro
The Anchoress – The Anchoress
Lindsay Beyerstein – Majikthise
Rachel Lucas
Melissa Clouthier
Jules Crittenden
Jo – Southern Sass on Crime
Some good ones to choose from in there….

Best Conservative Blog

Victor Davis Hanson
Ace of Spades
Power Line
Eject, Eject, Eject!
Plumb Bob Blog
Michelle Malkin
American Thinker
Blue Collar Muse
small dead animals
Little Green Footballs
Right Wing Nut House
The Next Right
Atlas Shrugs
Some good ones in there, too, but we morons have to stick together. And where’s Gateway Pundit???

Best Military Blog

From My Position… on the way!
The War on Big Tobacco
Michael Yon
This Ain’t Hell
One Marine’s View
Op For
Army of Dude
Knee Deep in the Hooah!
Again…lots of good ones! This Ain’t Hell is in the Moronosphere, I believe.

Best Very Large Blog (Authority between 501 and 1,000)

Indecision 2008
The Washington Note
Right Wing News
Patterico’s Pontifications
Bitch PHD
protein wisdom
Ross Douthat
The Blogess
Jesus General (?!)
Jesus General? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. I remember when that asshat used to troll AoSHQ.

Best Large Blog (Authority between 301 and 500)

Add to any feed reader Sister Toldjah
Add to any feed reader DeSmogBlog
Add to any feed reader Miss Cellania
Add to any feed reader JammieWearingFool
Add to any feed reader Bloggasm
Add to any feed reader skippy the bush kangaroo
Add to any feed reader The Agonist
Add to any feed reader Fafblog
Add to any feed reader Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms
Add to any feed reader Whatever

Most of them, I’ve never heard of.  JWF, and Sister Toldjah are both good. (Looks like the Weblog people are starting to add the links).

Best Midsize Blog (Authority between 201 and 300)

Betsy’s Page
The Sideshow
Israel Matzav
Rod 2.0
At Largely
Scholars And Rogues
Suburban Guerilla
Hoyden About Town

Best Small Blog (Authority between 101 and 200)

Chatting at the Sky
A Blog for All
Pirate’s Cove
Nice Deb
The Glittering Eye
Woman Honor Thyself
Black Women, Blow The Trumpet
There’s really only ONE choice, here.

Best Up And Coming Blog (Authority between 51 and 100)

Simply Left Behind
If Mom Says OK
The Stupid Shall Be Punished
Daled Amos
McClatchy Watch
Savage Politics
The Sundries Shack
The Colossus of Rhodey
Connecting the Dots
Phoenix Arizona East Valley Living
I’ll have to do some research on this one…

Best Hidden Gem (Authority between 0 and 50)

Hip Young Thing
The Pajama Pundit
Susan Katz Keating
Dizzying Intellect
Science Text
The Communist Dance Party
The Median Sib
Oh Gosh
Oh yeah!  Go Cotillion sister, Carol!
Go pay her a visit, and say a prayer for her little granddaughter, Lily, who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia.
Voting begins January 5th. If it’s like last year, I believe you can vote once a day.
Congratulations to all, and may the best blogs win.