2008 Mugshots Of The Year

The Smoking Gun has their 20 best mugshots from 2008 up. Among the usual dangerous and disturbed wackos, are the inevitable silly goobers who somehow managed to get themselves into a heap-o-trouble. My favorite, The Mad Cow:


The back-story:

Meet Michele Allen. The Ohio woman, 32, was arrested Saturday night after she got liquored up and began chasing kids and blocking traffic in her Middletown neighborhood. Allen was wearing a cow costume at the time of her arrest, as can be seen in the below mug shots (one of which includes a clear shot of Allen’s udder). A police report does not indicate why she was so dressed. Allen pleaded guilty yesterday to disorderly conduct and sentenced to a month in the local lockup.

Hat tip: My Blog awards nemesis Exurban League, ( I was doing a little opposition research)…check them out for more 2008 “best of”  lists.

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