Aww…Uncle Jay Explains The News: Year-End Edition

Minor quibble: She only borrowed the clothes.

Hat tip: Lucianne


5 thoughts on “Aww…Uncle Jay Explains The News: Year-End Edition

  1. Hey Charity, is Sundowniest new? I thought I already had your blog on my blogroll. I’ll add that one if you like.

    Sorry, I was having trouble commenting at your blog.

    Whoops…now I’m having trouble commenting on my own blog…problem definitely on my end…



  2. Hey Nice Deb, back at you.
    Confession: I had to re-create my blogs. Yes WORDPRESS “sundowniest” is new (restricted to theology & philosophy); blogspot (blogger) “sundowniest” blog is a catch-all for friends and family who don’t call or have Facebook. I have 2 others-one for travel photos only (Sundown Traveler – blogspot blog) and another for my 2 grown sons & daughters-in-law (one is Romanian and her impoverished father -who is a pastor – and mom can see photos of her when they view that sight (JustJohnson) blogspot.
    So, yeah, you’re permanently a FAVE! Now i have to figure out how to get Flickr to function on my wordpress blog…hmm..
    Happy New Year–and by the way, I am still savoring Kreeft’s “C S Lewis for the Third Millenium.” Kudos, Kreeft!


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