Christmas Jogger Arrested After He Compliments Dog

Okay….there’s a little more to the story….

On the afternoon of Dec. 25, a man, his wife and the man’s 11-year-old daughter were walking their dog along Harbor Boulevard in Destin when they encountered Roy Ronald Rowell, Jr., the arrest report says.

As they passed, Rowell said, “Nice dog.”

That’s when the father noticed that Rowell’s genitals were hanging out of a hole ripped out of the crotch of his jogging pants, according to the report.

The father asked Rowell if he was “for real.” Rowell then “grabbed his genitals and said, ‘Yea, nice dog.’

That would be when dad called the cops. Incredibly, the guy wasn’t finished, and would continue flashing even the police:

When the deputy asked Rowell to explain himself, he exposed himself to the officer. After he was read his rights, Rowell said he hadn’t meant to expose himself to the family. He also stated he did not understand why they were looking at him, the report states.

However, as he was being questioned, Rowell exposed his genitals several more times. He was asked repeatedly to close his legs.

That is one seriously messed up muchacho.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC


4 thoughts on “Christmas Jogger Arrested After He Compliments Dog

  1. hahah – i’m laughing inside right now. something similar sorta happened to me on public transit one afternoon about 14 yrs ago. Went home sick from work & on the empty train this dude sits down on the opposite seat and shows his stuff out his shorts. I think he might have been sick cuz it was VERY PINK. still laugh about this w/ my husband.


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