Profiles In Villainy: Blog Rival, Proprietors Of Illegal Puppy Farm

I missed this horrifying bombshell when I was doing my opposition research of Weblog Awards rival, Exurban League, earlier this week. I had suspected that they were depraved reprobates, but who could have guessed that it was this bad?!:


What do Glenn Reynolds’ puppy smoothies have to do with Exurban League, you ask? Well…who do you think supplies him with the puppies? They admit it openly on their blog:

Ok, time to ‘fess up.

This blog is nothing but a cover operation for an illegal puppy mill. We’ve been supplying Glenn Reynolds with the raw materials for his energy drinks for years now.

Man, it’s good to get that off my chest.

If that isn’t bad enough, a commenter at their site hints that there may be some connection between this person, and  an Exurban league blogger.

O the humanity!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings….but I’m a firm believer in the public’s right to know, so they can be  informed voters.

I will investigate further…stay tuned…this could get ugly!



They deny none of the charges, yet  smear me as they try to defend their vile, depraved practices!

This blogger, who deceptively calls herself “Nice Deb,” sadly chose the low road of character assassination. Now, her allies have encouraged her divisive politics of personal destruction.

Since our deeply-held beliefs have been dragged into the public square, let me reveal the inductional ritual required of each ExLg contributor. It is deeply regrettable that our sacred rite — the faith of our blogfathers — is being used as a weapon against us. This is exactly the kind of cynical, old kind of politics ExLg hopes to change.

Continue reading and be prepared to be shocked. Keep digging, sickos!

Vote for the  “pro puppy” candidate (me) in the small blog category. Voting starts January 5th.


Who’s “The Queen”? She commented over at that haven of unrepentant puppy abusers. I hate her – she’s not voting for me:

How could I resist such a heartfelt plea? Now, if you had mentioned kittens…it would’ve been another story. You guys have my vote!

But I think Glenn has had enough protein; better send him some fiber to get his bowels moving.

The Queen

WHAT? Is she some kind of nut?


Some pretend pirate who goes by “William Teach”, and is also a finalist for Best Small Blog,  has decided to enter into the fray:

Oh, and since Nice Deb and Exurban League are involved in a blog war (one not nice and the other stuck in the bygone days of puppy blending goodness, you know, 2004), why not vote for the blog with the most guns?

Not nice???


He realizes of course, that THIS MEANS WAR!!!

“Not nice“! Of COURSE I’m nice!

For crying out loud, ‘NICE’  is in my name!!! “NICE” DEB!   That proves it!  Can’t the guy read?!

Whatever you do…do not click on Show Me More Inline, Matey >if you know what’s good for you.

Do the right thing…Vote for Nice Deb, the “pro-puppy”, and “anti-Nancy Pelosi in a bikini” candidate for Best Small Blog.


23 thoughts on “Profiles In Villainy: Blog Rival, Proprietors Of Illegal Puppy Farm

  1. How else could he keep up with his 24/7 schedule of blogging, teaching, doing radio shows, etc.?

    Gotta have that pure puppy protein.


  2. This is my favorite part of awards season, and the type of thing that makes reading nine gajillion blogs trying to pick finalists all worth it.

    Let the muckraking continue!


  3. You will be hearing from our lawyers! Well, if we had lawyers…

    Wait, I can call that screamy guy who advertises during the Springer show! I better go buy a neck brace.


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  5. Seriously, puppy-blending is soooo 2004. WTF?! This is 2009, you Exurban Puppy Haters! (And I know what “exurban” means too, you haters!)

    See? See? HATERS! Versus “NICE” – how is there even a discussion on this? Jesus!


  6. Ummm nicedeb .. I quote an official statement from THAT site

    To become an ExLg blogger, the aspirant must sacrifice one puppy as a blended offering to Glenn Reynolds (a.k.a. Instapundit).

    What a bunch of dickheads to come up with that initiation rite. I mean, those guys could have chosen to feed him dirt, douse him with your semens, perhaps even lick his feet. But come on .. puppies?!!!!!


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