Inauguration Free Zone

Didn’t watch it…won’t cover it. Heard the Benediction was a race-baiting travesty... heard Obama took some cheap shots at Bush during his speech…heard the Obamanuts in the crowd taunted the outgoing Bush.

Nope…sorry. You’ll have to go somewhere else for commentary. Can’t do it…my blood pressure can’t take it.

Just keep this  in mind, though: Huge crowds once jeered Jesus. Huge crowds once cheered Hitler. In fact Hitler won with 98% of the vote. These are the times we are living in. Good has become evil, and evil good.


DoublePlusUnead found an old video that shows how  lefty fanatics welcomed President Bush. Libs were classless and unhinged when he entered the White House (remember the missing “W” keys on the White House keyboards), and they were classless and unhinged when he left. No traditional honeymoon period for “W”.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. And these mentals have won the day.

Here are a couple of funny new sites to keep your mind off of that: The Endive, and IOWNTHEWORLD.

A couple more to check out: Teh Resistance Blog, and America Is An Obamanation.


The new White House website is already dumping on Bush.

Marxists are vicious, and they never stop attacking. Never. They’re like The Terminator that way:

You still don’t get it, do you? They’ll find Bush! That’s what they do! It’s *all* they do! You can’t stop them! The’ll wait for Bush! They’ll reach down his throat and tear his fuckin’ heart out!


Rahm Emanuel “gesturing”:


I suppose all that Blago unpleasantness is just a distant memory to him, now.


A GW Bush monument in Houston was defaced (NO MORE BUSH) by a vandal.

Worst One Yet

These monstrosities must have been inspired by a drug induced hallucination:


There’s even more Obama kitsch you probably haven’t seen yet at Moonbattery. While your there, be sure to check out the new terminology we’ll all need to know for the Age of Obama.


Actually, the defaced flags are the worst, yet.  Michelle Malkin takes note of even more Obama flags cropping up in Washington. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to chastise his supporters for defacing the flag. It ain’t gonna happen.

It’s going to be a loooong four years.


This should take the edge off…Cathy pointed me to a new website: IOWNTHEWORLD: Meet the Obamas.… #7 will make you cry.

More goofy products for Obamaniacs and Obamanippies:


Obama Rhinestone Lapel Pin

Obama Soap-On-A-Rope

A New Addition To The Holy Family

Obama Soda

Obama Victory Plate

President Obama Coloring And Activity Book

Yes We Can Perfume

Obama Model Airplane And More!

Farewell, Mr. President

bushharrisRead the back-story of this picture at Flopping Aces

Much has been written about Bush and his legacy for the past couple of months.  The Anchoress wrote a great piece,  last week, if you’re in the mood for one more perspective.

There are excellent pictorial tributes of President Bush and Vice President Cheney today, at Flopping Aces.

I don’t have the heart to say much more…Goodbye Mr. President. You will be missed by many.


What better way to ring in the new era of hope, change, and unicorns…than with a haiku contest?

Join The Resistance

I did the day after the election.  And now, as Obama is sworn into office, membership to resistance groups should swell. We already know that the Republicans in Congress are not going to fight for us unless we make a lot of noise. Grassfire, a network of idea-based resistance to the Obama agenda currently has 11,250 members.

You can join, too.

A featured video:

Bob Schulz has been on a nationwide tour, meeting with people and informing them  of the Continental Congress that will be held in March: