Google Corrects Obama “Miserable Failure” Search Algorithm

Via The American Thinker, Google explains:

Though the spirit of change may be in the air in Washington, some things apparently stay the same. Yes, the old online prank called “Googlebombing” returned for a brief while recently, when Google searches for the words words [failure] and [cheerful achievement] returned President Obama’s biography as the top result.
You may remember this issue from a few years ago, when the query [miserable failure] led to the biography of President Bush. For some reason, all those links pointing to the Bush bio were redirected to Obama’s. Some people have asked in the past whether these results are a sign of political bias on Google’s part, and we’ve explained that this isn’t the case.
Rather than edit these prank results by hand, we developed an algorithm a few years ago to detect Googlebombs. We tend not to run it all the time, because it takes some computing power to process our entire web index and because true Googlebombs are quite rare (we joke around the Googleplex that more articles have been written about Googlebombs than there are actual examples of Googlebombs).
After we became aware of this latest Googlebomb, we re-ran our algorithm and it detected the Googlebomb for [cheerful achievement] as well as for [failure]. As a result, those search queries now return discussion about the Googlebombs rather than the original pages that were returned.

Kudos to Google for springing into action so quickly. These childish internet pranks are ridiculous; just ask George W. Bush, who endured the prank for six and a half years before Google decided to re-run their algorithm.

Hat tip: Moonbattery


One thought on “Google Corrects Obama “Miserable Failure” Search Algorithm

  1. I remember trying to find Obamas aying that “lipstick on a pig” quote the next morning and all of the videos on it contained some sort of pop up distracting commentary just just as he said it. It was a day or so before it became possible again to find one video that was untainted. I also remember looking for the Repeal of the Glass Stegal Act as the market crashed; on the congressional videos I could see the votes of the (R) but I could not find the votes of the (D)? George Soros has long arms. (Sura 2:29)


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