Video: The Third Jihad

From the Third Jihad Website:

The Third Jihad is a groundbreaking film that exposes the truth and reveals what the media is not telling you about the Jihadist quest to rule America. Based on the accounts of the one person who is not afraid to tell you the truth; Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, former physician to the US Congress and a Muslim American.

Following the FBI release of a radical Islamist manifesto outlining its plan to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser decided to investigate. The movie The Third Jihad is about what he discovered. Its focus is on a secret manifesto of the American Muslim Brotherhood discovered by the FBI.

It describes the ‘Grand Jihad’ goal of the Islamic Radicals to destroy Western civilization from within by infiltrating and dominating North America. This document outlines how Radical Islamists are taking advantage of our country’s democratic processes, and using them to destroy the American way of life.

You can purchase the entire film, here.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


I saw this video about Islamberg a couple of weeks ago, and have been waiting for the right time to post it. It’s also from the Third Jihad film:

Americans have every reason to be concerned about these Islamic “communities”.


18 thoughts on “Video: The Third Jihad

  1. This man is evidence of what we have seen written elsewhere previously — the moderate muzlims are irrelevant. They simply do not matter. They have no impact. It is the vast numbers of muzlims that are the threat, any or all of whom can become radicals at a moment’s notice it seems.

    There is no place for muzlims in America. They must all be expelled. America will not be safe as long as there are muzlims remaining in America. This means that people like congrress critter Kieth Elison from Minnesota and all the other muzlims in high places simply have to go, they are a threat to the nation. They cannot be trusted. They have allied themselves with a political movement (izlam is as much if not more a political movement than a religion) that is set on world domination, and as such they are a danger to the sovereignty of the USA.


  2. Dr. D., are you serious? We can’t expel all Muslims from the country, nor should we. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the man trying to expose the dangers of Muslim extremism in America and others in this film are Muslims.


  3. NiceDeb – I was talking to a Muslim friend today (there are no coincidences) and I understand them. They have watched blacks in this country push white people around in so many ways that, as Moamour Kadafi said last week: “the former slaves are now becoming the masters.” Muslims believe they are next; that Allah has put them here to convert all of America and all of the earth. They are full of resentment of past grievences. Some are real, some are grandeloquintly exagerated, some are imagined, and most are twisted rationalizations built upon flights of fancy. In short they are totally full of shit in the exact same way that Liberals have played victomhood routine, except theirs is international. They feel they were looked down upon by us in the past, and they were. Now, Terrorism gives them a sense of power and pride, they can feel the fear of white people wherever they go dressed as Muslims. It is exhilerating to them. They want wealth and power, and believe the Qur’an says they can take it from the Infidels. They are beginning to feel like they are going to get it, here, now. The Brit is quite right, every concession to them is a big victory. They have silenced the western press, those gutless Liberal weasels who attacked Bush with such vitrol wouldn’t dream to even reprint the Dainish cartoons except for one lone editor and she ended up apoligizing. I can see only one way out of this: we as Americans must boycott Muslim businesses, all of them, all of the time. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to say publicly that we must boycott these business and here they are. We don’t even have to actively do anything except not buy their products or do business with them in any way. The public can do at least that much. If we lean on them in this country it will put a wedge between those causing trouble over there and those here, and dry up much of the funding for terrorism abroad. We should have done the same thing to Liberalism, but try as I did I couldn’t get anyone to listen, including Rush and Hannity ACE and everyone else. But there it is. A solution that could make a real difference. Is anyone listening?


  4. Deb, I am dead serious. Jasser sounds one of the “good muzlims” but he is still a muzlim. If he believes the quoran, he has to go, along with all the rest, because they are out to subvert our nation. They are all enemies of America, every last one of them.

    Let’s try changing the words for a moment. Suppose instead of talking about muzlims we talk about cannibals? Now there are the “good cannibals” that believe in cannibalism but do not actually practice it, but there are also the radical cannibals that not only practice it but want to force us to all practice it as well. We know that the sons from even “good cannibal” households have been known to become radical cannibals, and that the whole cannibal tribe at least tacitly supports the conquest of the world by cannibalism. Do we still have a place in the USA for cannibals, even the good cannibals?

    This is why I say that every last muzlim has to leave the US.


  5. Fine, Deb. But then it is the children of the children, grandchildren of your friends who in some cases will become the radicals. Will you tolerate a little bit of cancer because surgery can be disfiguring? How can you accept a group that subscribes to violent world conquest, whether they act on it as individuals or not?

    Look at what is happening in Great Britain right now. Most of the muzlime there are Birtish born, but that does not stop them from being radical. Even though they have had all the benefits of being brought up in western society, with western education, etc., and many show no signs of violence until they are young adults, the ones that are causing the trouble there are not white Christian Anglo-Saxons but muzlims. They are incompatible with western society at the root.


  6. You can’t really predict what a people’s children are going do. Things could change very fast. What if Islam goes through a reformation, like many are hoping it will?

    I believe in slowing or even halting immigration from Muslim countries for the time being; at the very least halting student visas. I don’t have a problem with deporting trouble makers from foreign countries, but what you suggest is not right, or doable.


  7. Deb, have you kept up with the recent episode in England involving Lord Ahmed? Lord Ahmed was one of those “good muzlims,” so good in fact that good old Tony Blair created him a life peer some years ago, making him a member of the House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament.

    About 10 days ago, another member of Parliament invited a number of other members and some outsiders as well, I believe, to a private showing of “Fitna” to take place in a room in the Parliment building. “Fitna” is the short introduction to Izlam that was made by Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who is now being prosecuted for having made it it because it is said to be hate speech. Lord Ahmed got wind of this private meeting and threatened to have 10,000 muzlims storm the Parliament building if it was not canceled. The meeting was canceled, and Lord Ahmed went straight to the Pakistani press to crow about what a victory this was for Izlam.

    I have seen “Fitna” and it is nothing more than some quotes from the Quran with pictures of muzlims doing what muzlims do. Every American should see this short movie. We cannot afford to remain ignorant of this treat that is coming at us. They tell us plainly that they intend to dominate us. Only a complete fool ignores such a plain warning. Look at what is happening in Europe to see the future of the US if we do not wake up. Look at the prosecution of Geert Wilders, a politician who speaks out and who is prosecuted for simply speaking the truth. The truth is not tolerated when people become so afraid for their miserable lives that they would rather live as slaves than speak up for their rights as free men. We are headed that direction very rapidly.

    There is no place for izlam in America! None. Deb says that we have no means to eliminate it, but I say that we must find a means before it engulfs us. Izlam is more a political movement than a religion, although it is both. Notice how they do not hesitate to hide explosives and weapons in mosques in various places around the world; how many Christian churches would do that? None, because they are churches, not political/military organizations. Do not be naive about the nature of izalm; they are intent on world domination, and they see their moment right now.


  8. The Islamburg movie was very interesting, Deb. Are these some of the peaceful Muslims who bring up their children to be good American citizens? No, probably not, but your friends will have certain sympathies with these people, yes these people, because they are all a part of the same world domination movement.

    As to the idea of a reformation in izlam, why would any realistic person expect that? Izlam is on a roll now with the present model. The aggressive, militant, in-your-face, dominate the world approach is growing by leaps and bounds all over the world and this is strengthening it greatly. Any ideas of izlamic reformation are purely wishful western thinking. They will take the entire world back to the 7th century if we let them.


  9. I’ve seen Fitna, too. I posted it on this blog. I don’t know what to do about the extreme Islamist tide that is sweeping the world, other than try to reform Islam, but I do know that not all Muslims are adherents of the radical brand of Islam that threatens us. Obviously, the makers of The Third Jihad are not, nor are Muslims Against Sharia/i>, nor are the good friends of my college freshman son, and 11th grade daughter.


  10. Deb, it is great that you know some nice muzlims. Perhaps I could introduce you to a few million who are not so nice? The problem is, they are all muzlims, and when push comes to shove, they will all stick together against the US. It has been proven over and over in other countries. Do we have to prove it here also? Must we fall to izlam also, just to prove the point? Most of Europe is gone; is that not sufficient evidence for you? Many Europeans knew a few nice muzlims to start with too!


  11. Perhaps I could introduce you to a few million who are not so nice?

    Please. I’ve been blogging about them for nearly two years. I am no stranger to Muslim extremism. I am a stranger to anti-Muslim extremism.


  12. What you call “anti-muzlim extremism” is really just realism. It is time for Americans to wake up to the danger that is overtaking us and to realize that we must do more than simply wring our hands and say, “tsk, tsk!” If we do not stop them cold, they will bring us down. It is just that simple.


  13. Please. I’ve been blogging about them for nearly two years. I am no stranger to Muslim extremism. I am a stranger to anti-Muslim extremism

    It is obviously true that not all Muslims are dangerous extremists. But they have become a swelling tide around the world that will keep rising until it meets resistance. And many who otherwise would not get caught up in it will, or they will be too intimidated to do anything about it. Pope JP II wrote that there was a crisis of faith among Christians and in its absence, Islam has been energized and is filling the space that Christianity no longer occupies. Boycotting Muslim businesses (of every kind, especially local businesses that are obviously Muslim) is the strongest way for anyone to send a message of resistance without any personal risk. Furthermore, I think it is something that most people would actually do, instead of just talk about.


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