KC Teaparty This Saturday



I’ve got the poster board, and markers. I’ve even got a little artistic ability… but I need some good ideas for posters. Help a blogger out! The winners will get to see their brilliant visions in action, on a major medium small blog.


Pajamas Media has a  list of Tea Parties around the nation. Check and see if there’s one scheduled near you.

Thanks, Reeko

9 thoughts on “KC Teaparty This Saturday

  1. How about a guy bent over and the unicorn getting ready to impale him? Open jar of vaseline. You get the idea. That is exactly what’s happening – we are all getting screwed – and we’re not even getting kissed first. I’m not very artistic. But I am very bitter.


  2. don’t forget that there are American Tea Parties happening ALL OVER AMERICA and u can find one near u soon!
    i am going to the one at the Stockyards in Ft Worth this Friday. its my birthday week, and i can’t think of a better way to celebrate! YEEHAW! 😉 reeko

    http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=page&page-id=68 for a list of American Tea Parties in your neighborhood.


  3. also going to the one in downtown Dallas at the American Airlines Center in the morning. going to do both – and compare! will take my camera and make videos.
    PS: i offered the guys in the Dallas group if they wanted me to bring my homemade plywood “tank” (1/5 scale model of a M1Abrams) that i use at events for the G.I. Woodshop. – they declined. LOL …guess we don’t wanna be seen as “attacking” anybody! 😀


  4. well, i thought about just taking a large shovel, like a snow shovel, and write on it “Pooper Scooper” or something lame like that. or u could just a say something like:

    “Hey Obama! Put some Lipstick on that Pork!”

    “I wanna be stimulated too! Where’s my tingle up my leg?” (this one would be very effective for a vet friend with a prosthetic leg!)

    “When did soccer-moms become sucker-moms?”

    “Mr. Obama. We knew Reagan. And you ain’t no Reagan.”

    “Obamaism = the new Communism”

    “New Deal II STINKS”

    “Repeal Socialism”

    “Fight the Obamanation”

    “Not an Omerican” ( or a big circle with a line through it over the word “Omerican” )

    “Hamas, HizbAllah, Iran, Syria, Kaddafi, Kim Il Jong, Chavez, Castro… and Spike Lee all agree: Obama will ‘Do The Right Thing’ “


  5. “Mr. Obama. We knew Reagan. And you ain’t no Reagan.”

    Oh Yeah!BABY! That’s what I’m talking about!

    Those are ALL good. I will definitely use some of those!


  6. i forgot one:

    “Hamas, HizbAllah, Iran, Syria, Kaddafi, Kim Il Jong, Chavez, Castro, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, the DNC… all don’t want Obama to fail either. Rush wants him to fail. So do I.”


  7. (more posters)

    “Brother, can you spare a whine?”

    “Stop Robama Hood from spreading the wealth!”

    “Just say NOPE” (the word NOPE is below the colorized propaganda poster of Obama)


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