Video:The Heartbreaking End To The NYU Student Occupation

Allahpundit says the final moments of the student standoff, (background here)  falls “far over the line into self-parody” ……he’s right:

A commenter at NYU Local sums it all up, nicely:

‘You guys are all corporationey, and we’re using consensus and sweet kaffiyehs to overturn the power structure through consensus and a rejection of non-consensus and brutality. The revolution will be televised via my iphone! Also, Gaza.

Don’t touch me!’

Thanks for making my night…

Ace has more on the moonbat behind the camera.


3 thoughts on “Video:The Heartbreaking End To The NYU Student Occupation

  1. So dumb it hurts.

    I’m not sure that these tools are ready for the priviledge of working for the man at their local McDonald’s, let alone attending a prestigious University without broadcasting just how foolish and silly they are for the entire world.

    Expulsion, criminal charges, and civil damages for being asshats to such a degree that they disrupt the noral functions of the school for other paying students. That would be a good start.


  2. So dumb it hurts. — Being an NYU grad (which I didn’t used to be embarrassed about) it really hurts. And unfortunately their leader reminds of some of the Liberal turds I have had to work with at my uber-liberal job. Nice Deb has done a great job recently in helping to educate us about how and why Liberals think the way they do. Michael Savage is completely right: Liberalism Really is a Mental Disease, foisted upon us by three decades of Soviet KGB brainwashing. The results speak for themselves. Perhaps some consequences to their actions would slap some reality into them.


  3. They’re probably drinking “Corporate Water”!? A small thing I know but it shows just how totally brainwashed these little goose steppers are. Groupthink buzzwords infect their minds so badly it’s all they can think about, it invades every aspect of their life…

    Liberalism IS a mental disease, there are several books on the subject, some even by their own people.


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