Archbishop Chaput Warns Of “Spirit Of Adulation” Surrounding Obama


This “spirit of adulation” he speaks of, is the cult worship  many of us in the right wing blogosphere have been pointing out for lo, these many months. The Archbishop focused on Catholics for the purposes of his speech, but it goes without saying that the adulation he’s referring to pertains to all religious, or non religious persuasions.

I keep waiting  for Obama to say something to dissuade his followers from openly worshiping him in this cult-like manner, because it’s ridiculous, and embarrassing, and unseemly, but to no avail. I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is he not bothered by it, he rather enjoys it.

EWTN covered Archbishop Chaput’s trip to Toronto where he gave his speech on how Catholics should live out their faith in the public square:

“President Obama is a man of intelligence and some remarkable gifts. He has a great ability to inspire, as we saw from his very popular visit to Canada just this past week. But whatever his strengths, there’s no way to reinvent his record on abortion and related issues with rosy marketing about unity, hope and change.

Of course, that can change. Some things really do change when a person reaches the White House. Power ennobles some men. It diminishes others. Bad policy ideas can be improved. Good policy ideas can find a way to flourish. But as Catholics, we at least need to be honest with ourselves and each other about the political facts we start with.”
Yet this will be “very hard for Catholics in the United States,” Chaput warned.
According to the archbishop, the political situation for Catholics is difficult to discern because a “spirit of adulation bordering on servility already exists among some of the same Democratic-friendly Catholic writers, scholars, editors and activists who once accused pro-lifers of being too cozy with Republicans. It turns out that Caesar is an equal opportunity employer.”
Looking ahead to the coming months and years, Chaput offered four “simple things” to remember.
“First,” he said, “all political leaders draw their authority from God. We owe no leader any submission or cooperation in the pursuit of grave evil.”
“In fact, we have the duty to change bad laws and resist grave evil in our public life, both by our words and our non-violent actions. The truest respect we can show to civil authority is the witness of our Catholic faith and our moral convictions, without excuses or apologies.”

In a reference to the messianic treatment the Barack Obama received from some Americans during the presidential primaries, Archbishop Chaput delivered his second point: “in democracies, we elect public servants, not messiahs.”

Now that an elevated member of the clergy has mentioned this unseemly adulation, I wonder if Obama will see fit to discourage it.


18 thoughts on “Archbishop Chaput Warns Of “Spirit Of Adulation” Surrounding Obama

  1. Sorry to interrupt but…HI DEB! Nope not moved yet. Houses down there don’t get built like they do here at all. It took 3 months just to get the septic tank delivered (imported), and three more weeks just to get the flange and lid. I will be going back in April. I am trying to buy the entire island (only 22 acres undeveloped) but getting it titled is a lesson in patience. (and a lawyers gold mine)


  2. I think so. It’s been a dream since I was a kid. I thought Gilligan’s Island was heaven on earth.

    You might think about it. The number one retirement destination for Canadians, Americans and Brits now. (Not that you are old enough of course. In the future…WAY in the future!)


  3. I keep thinking…..

    Proverbs 16:18
    18 Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.

    I just hope he doesn’t destroy america first.


  4. Deb: LOL The Name? I am partial to “Refugio de Isla de Obamaland”

    Reeko – Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Just a few miles south of Costa Rica near Isla Colon. Be sure and take a day cruise to Bird Island and bring an underwater camera. You’re in for the treat of a lifetime.


  5. I know that about 1/4 of the U.S. bishops did issue pastoral letters last fall, some more forceful than others, instructing their flocks that abortion and the other “life issues” HAD to take top priority in a Catholic’s voting decisions.

    This is a big improvement over previous years–but we’re still a long, long, long way from the U.S. bishops speaking out forcefully and unanimously in this regard.

    The week AFTER Obama was elected, the annual meeting of the U.S. bishops’ conference got steamed–and rightly so–about FOCA. Too little, too late, I fear.

    If they’d spoken out that strongly BEFORE the election, maybe we wouldn’t now be stuck with a president who seems to want as many abortions as possible.


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