Kansas City Tea Party ON For Tomorrow

We’re expecting significant snow throughout the night. In fact it will be the first significant snow we’ve had all year (thanks a lot, God)…but the KC Tea Party has grown too big to cancel. IT’S ON!

A note from the organizer:


First I would like to thank you all for your support.

The purpose of this protest is against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

or as I call it the CONGRESSIONAL THEFT ACT 2009.


We are here to be heard, we have the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and protest. So let’s have fun with it. There are some basic laws we must follow. We must stay on public property (sidewalks and right of way’s), we must not impede traffic or the vision ability of said traffic at intersections, we must not dispose of trash on the ground.

If you choose to talk to the media here are some suggested talking points or if your here for a different reason then tell them your reason for being here.

1. Broken Promises: The President and the leaders of the House and Senate have violated their solemn promises that the bill would be available for several days of public review prior to voting, so that the American people might have a chance to learn what is in the bill and to make their views known to their elected officials. Act responsibly and repeal the Congressional Theft Act of 2009 and let the American people voice their opinion before you vote or resign your position as our representatives.

2. Damages Our Founding Fathers Philosophies: Bailing out states that have spent irresponsibly by their elected officials at the expense of taxpayers in states that have been fiscally responsible.

3. E-Verify: Removes language to require anyone receiving a contract paid for with funding from the bill to use the government’s E-Verify program in order to ensure taxpayer money is not used to hire illegal workers. In the current job climate these jobs should be reserved for tax paying U.S. citizens and our money should stay in and benefit the U.S. economy.

4. Housing Bail Out: Those of us who both pay our mortgages and pay our taxes, while we are working hard and playing by the rules, there were a lot of irresponsible people spending more than they had and getting in way over their heads, and now those irresponsible people are having to be bailed out by the people that are responsible and playing by the rules.

5. Repeal Of Welfare To Work Program: Repeals the bipartisan and highly successful welfare reforms of 1996 and drastically expands the welfare state. It rewards states for adding people to their welfare rolls, rather than for helping them find gainful employment. Contrary to long-established practice, it will entitle able-bodied adults without children to receive cash assistance and encourages irresponsibility.

Taking personal responsibility and expecting the same of your elected officials, is the message.

Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of RESPONSIBLE SHOES to set on Claires door step. Shoes will be donated at the end of the event.

We have the Constitutional right to peaceful assembly and protest.
The Basics:
1. Stay on public property (sidewalks and right of way’s).
2. Do not impede traffic or the vision ability of said traffic at intersections.
3. Do not block business entry sidewalk or doorways.
4. Do not dispose of trash on the ground.
5. Do not use or return verbal or physical violence towards any person.
6.. Do not bring or use alcohol or illegal drugs during the protest.
7. Do not damage, destroy or sabotage any equipment or property.
8. Do not place yourself in obvious danger.

Sponsored By: Blind Mule and Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

For More Information Contact: KansasCityTeaParty@yahoo.com

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Kansas/Missouri Chapter mcdcofkansas@sbcglobal.net

See Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, and Gateway Pundit to see how Friday’s protests went.


9 thoughts on “Kansas City Tea Party ON For Tomorrow

  1. hey NiceDeb! just got back from the Tea Party in Ft Worth and it was a hoot! maybe between 300 and 400 were there at some time, largest was after work about 250 or so.
    i’ve been to a lot of scenes like this, and there are invariably “taken over” by the nutjobs ranting about the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission etc… this WAS NOT like that. there were only a small handful of those, and pretty much everybody ignored them. the large majority were just plain folks and family.

    check out my two videos on youtube. for some reason i can’t sign in to the michelle malkin, so pass a tip over to hotair or pajamas – i can’t get it on there. but these vids are hot of the camera! and i got more too, both stills and vids if anybody wants them let me know. but i am late for a birthday blowout at one of my fav roadhouse blues bars…
    gotta run! ( http://www.youtube.com/user/reekonet )

    American Tea Party Ft Worth part 1

    American Tea Party Ft Worth part 2


  2. Come on KC! StL had 1000 to 1500 patriots show up on a Friday workday. This is for the country. I hope you beat us. I hope you have 10,000!


  3. I won’t be able to make it. We got about three inches of snow around where I love. I can’t chance getting stuck on the road with my toddler and infant. I am so disappointed. I’ll be there in spirit.


  4. Hi Ginger. No worries. Neither the fountain area, nor our march route, were stroller-friendly. It would have been a real pain for those with very young children.
    An unofficial count had us at about 200 strong. Ch 41 and one other TV station was there, so we may actually see some coverage.
    With the snow and wind, traffic was a mess, so getting that many folks out there was still impressive.
    The signs were great, and the crowd was fired-up.
    Here are the few pics I took: http://tinyurl.com/c44gm8

    See you at the next rally!


  5. Hey, it was nice to see you, there, John. My pix will be up in a moment. My daughter and I stopped at Winstead’s for lunch after all our hard work protesting.

    We missed you, Ginger, but there will be many more.


  6. Please schedule another. I can get a lot of folks to show. Just give notice. And thanks for caring


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