Disturbing News Out Of Yemin

Jane Novak, America’s premier blogger on Yemini affairs is reporting on some recent, startling developments in Yemin. She reports that The Yemeni government is openly funding terror training camps, and jihaddists have taken over the city of Jahr. Don’t expect to see this in the MSM – she’s the only one reporting on it at the moment:

Along with establishing new terror training infrastructure, Yemen has seen a marked uptick in fundamentalists’ attacks on minorities as autonomous pockets of Talaban-like authority have sprung up across Yemen. The state has taken little action to protect its citizens in these cases and by passivity, may expect to strengthen its grip on power as Southern and Zaidi communities are intimidated along with intellectuals and modernists.

In Jahr, Abyan Jihaddists declared an Islamic Emirate. Nine homosexuals were gunned down and murdered in broad daylight. Shabwa Press reports “wine drinkers” were severely beaten. Fundamentalists also attached threatening leaflets to homes condemning certain women. Tariq al Fahdli “using elements of the mujahideen for help and security” took over various buildings and plots of land for distribution to his inner circle, the paper said.

Read her full report.

Kathleen Sebelius Accepts Obama’s Offer Of HHS Secretary


Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (center) poses in the Governor’s Mansion with George Tiller and his wife Jeanne.

The Swamp reports:

Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas, has accepted President Barack Obama’s nomination as secretary of Health and Human Services, White House sources are reporting this evening.

Obama plans to announce the selection on Monday, according to the Associated Press, citing a source. The Washington Post reports the same word.

It was reported last week that the nomination was being held up due to the Kansas Governor’s abortion ties:

White House officials have acknowledged that abortion and the controversy surrounding embattled late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller are holding up President Barack Obama’s potential selection of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to become the next Health Secretary.

… Now, White House officials tell CBN News that abortion and the Tiller-Sebelius connection are causing pause when considering Sebelius for the Cabinet post.

More about her ties to late term abortionist George Tiller, here.

Apparently, The White House got over their pause. Kansans thank them.

Compare And Contrast

Remember how the troops regularly greeted President Bush when he entered the room? Here’s an example from Iraq, last December:

This response by the Marines at Camp Lejeune was described by the CNN news anchor as, “tepid”:

Now, that appears to be a stunning lack of enthusiasm for the new Commander in Chief. Amy Proctor, who posted the Obama video on her blog, said:

That was very awkward. We’ve been an Army family since 1993 and even Bill Clinton received warmer response from 1993-2000. I’ve never seen such a weak, non-existent troop response to their Commander in Chief.

The first thing my husband noticed when I showed him the video, was that the soldiers were standing at attention. Several commenters at Amy Proctor’s and Gateway Pundit mentioned the same thing. In response, Amy said:

My understanding is that once the President is announced and Hail to the Chief starts playing, soldiers can applaud. For whatever reason, these Marines chose not to. They could be standing at attention but they always, ALWAYS applauded Bush anyway.

A commenter at Gateway Pundit offered this explanation:

The Marines greeted the President as they would any untried new commander, they were formally respectful. Enthusiastic support is reserved for those who’ve earned it by prior actions not rank or position.

If anyone has further input on this, I’d like to hear it. This amateur video, made  by a couple of Obama fans in the audience is telling. When Obama enters the room, these Marines, whoop and clap their hands. Not so much at attention, are they?….but they appear to be in the vast minority.

Apropos of nothing, this moonbat off his meds offered this gem of an opinion at Amy Proctor’s:

The troops can go f*** themselves, bunch of baby killing murdering savages, they are only their to protet the Corporate capitalists who have hijacked the troops.

F*** the troops, they can all die for all I care

America needs a revolution, it figures all those brain dead retards worship Bush, they can all get blown up by an IED for all I care, the problem is they waste more tax paying dollars when they die

F*** the troops

He returned to express himself again:

It figures the brain dead troops like the idiot Bush more, they are to stupid to realize Bush and his friends just use them as pawns in their little chess match

Obama might make this world a better place and the idiot troops might have to go out and get a real job and contribute something to humanity

F*** the troops let them all die, GO Iraq, Go IEDS blow all these baby killing savages to hell!

Another sweetheart at Gateway Pundit:

Times have changed. President Obama rules this country now. You racist hatemongers had best wake up and get with the program.

The chickens have come home to roost and reparations are due. Time to pay your bill or suffer the consequences.

My, my. Hell hath no fury like an Obot scorned, eh?


Here’s a still shot of the troops as they listened to Obama’s speech:


I’d say they’re looking less than impressed, there.