Compare And Contrast

Remember how the troops regularly greeted President Bush when he entered the room? Here’s an example from Iraq, last December:

This response by the Marines at Camp Lejeune was described by the CNN news anchor as, “tepid”:

Now, that appears to be a stunning lack of enthusiasm for the new Commander in Chief. Amy Proctor, who posted the Obama video on her blog, said:

That was very awkward. We’ve been an Army family since 1993 and even Bill Clinton received warmer response from 1993-2000. I’ve never seen such a weak, non-existent troop response to their Commander in Chief.

The first thing my husband noticed when I showed him the video, was that the soldiers were standing at attention. Several commenters at Amy Proctor’s and Gateway Pundit mentioned the same thing. In response, Amy said:

My understanding is that once the President is announced and Hail to the Chief starts playing, soldiers can applaud. For whatever reason, these Marines chose not to. They could be standing at attention but they always, ALWAYS applauded Bush anyway.

A commenter at Gateway Pundit offered this explanation:

The Marines greeted the President as they would any untried new commander, they were formally respectful. Enthusiastic support is reserved for those who’ve earned it by prior actions not rank or position.

If anyone has further input on this, I’d like to hear it. This amateur video, made  by a couple of Obama fans in the audience is telling. When Obama enters the room, these Marines, whoop and clap their hands. Not so much at attention, are they?….but they appear to be in the vast minority.

Apropos of nothing, this moonbat off his meds offered this gem of an opinion at Amy Proctor’s:

The troops can go f*** themselves, bunch of baby killing murdering savages, they are only their to protet the Corporate capitalists who have hijacked the troops.

F*** the troops, they can all die for all I care

America needs a revolution, it figures all those brain dead retards worship Bush, they can all get blown up by an IED for all I care, the problem is they waste more tax paying dollars when they die

F*** the troops

He returned to express himself again:

It figures the brain dead troops like the idiot Bush more, they are to stupid to realize Bush and his friends just use them as pawns in their little chess match

Obama might make this world a better place and the idiot troops might have to go out and get a real job and contribute something to humanity

F*** the troops let them all die, GO Iraq, Go IEDS blow all these baby killing savages to hell!

Another sweetheart at Gateway Pundit:

Times have changed. President Obama rules this country now. You racist hatemongers had best wake up and get with the program.

The chickens have come home to roost and reparations are due. Time to pay your bill or suffer the consequences.

My, my. Hell hath no fury like an Obot scorned, eh?


Here’s a still shot of the troops as they listened to Obama’s speech:


I’d say they’re looking less than impressed, there.

10 thoughts on “Compare And Contrast

  1. fyi nicedeb, in Obama’s video right before the announcer and the speaks and the recognizable “Hail to the Chief” is played are something called “ruffles and flourishes” and they have a strict protocol amount per rank to be announced. (4 for CINC) most people don’ t know that. just like the so-called 21 gun salute – the guns fired also go down in number according to the rank. 19 gun, 17 gun etc. (see )

    in uniform, at the first note of “ruffles and flourishes” all military are required to be at attention, due to it being a command which signifies the approach of high rank person/VIP. yet nobody – and i’m pretty sure that goes back in history – would ever get in trouble for breaking rank and applauding or cheering a popular leader. they would yell and scream for Gen’s Patton, MacArthur, Robert E. Lee, and Ronald Reagan also. that said, don’t read too much into Obama not getting a wild applause from troops – yet. no Dem president has since probably Truman. wait until he disrespects them more – and he will – and there may even be some boos and hisses. believe it or not, if done without showing disrespect, troops may show their displeasure by booing.

    the word was that GWB never liked “ruffles and flourishes” and let it be known on predominantly military addresses, he preferred just being introduced or “surprise” visits – and the troops would go wild. he saved the fancy shit for when it was required. now THAT is a cool leader. he was, like my little bro said, considered like a rock star to the troops. the adulation was real and for good reason. he respected them because he WAS one of them. only two presidents ever were pilots Bush 41 and Bush 43 – and only one was a Fighter Jet Pilot. that swagger among his peers in the military was real, deserved, and respected.
    AND… he respected them back.

    my little bro was one of the personal security guards for the Joint Chiefs/SecDef at the Pentagram. i got several unofficial “tours” of that huge place. once, he told me the following story. remember the story about “Friday mornings at the Pentagon” where the military would line up on the mall from the outer E ring to the middle ring and applaud all the wounded? …several times GWB himself would pop in unannounced, and sneak in the middle of the crowd, between perhaps a couple Captains, Majors or SNCOs somewhere down in the line with no fanfare and tell those standing next to him clapping not to focus on him – but focus on the real heros coming down the hall. Pvts, Cpls, all ranks, in wheelchairs or crutches, imagine the overwhelming shock they had when greeting all those high ranking folks – and suddenly face to face with a very appreciative CINC clapping just as furiously… as u may guess, those were magic moments that none of those military wounded will ever forget about our one TRULY GREATEST war-time president ever.

    GWB would sometimes go in person, no motorcade, with just a couple security detailers, unannounced to Walter Reed also. he would make the rounds of all wards that he could before having to take off for something else, and he wasn’t there to see or talk with the staff either. he went to see the troops – and the staff never quite got over that. i heard one comment that it became “no big deal” and the prez visiting was like a family member. they just gave them some privacy and he could roam the wards visiting any troop he could. in fact, there was at least one major event, or TV speech or state dinner or something that got held up because he was at Walter Reed – the clueless media never got wind of it, instead bashing him for his callous disregard for being less-than-prompt with them. how dare he!

    Leftists wouldn’t know true class and character if it bit them in the ass. 😉


  2. semper fi & oorah

    yeah, yeah, yeah, rahm told me to say it – no clue what it means.
    he was almost embarrassed to say those words. walking away as he muttered them. my 8 yr old boy can say it better than the 0 can.


  3. I wonder if there will be a time, in the next 4 years, where young people will decide not to join the military, and we will have to resort back to the draft? It is not a healthy sign when our military doesn’t have the highest respect for the Commander In Chief.


  4. America needs a revolution, it figures all those brain dead retards worship Bush, they can all get blown up by an IED for all I care, the problem is they waste more tax paying dollars when they die

    I love the smell of Liberal illogic in the morning. America needs a revolution? No. America needs to purge the stupidity, as typified by this sterling comment. What is the national equivalent of a colon cleanse?

    The chickens have come home to roost and reparations are due. Time to pay your bill or suffer the consequences.

    Reparations? To whom?


  5. l’ve read that they are recruiting Ugandans for the US Army, people who will have no compunction about opening fire on native born Americans. From the standpoint of our “leaders” this is much better than the draft.


  6. Dr.D,
    the Ugandan recruiting rumor got started a few years ago when the DoD began contracting for security guards in Iraq – outsourced, so to speak – and went to friendly developing countries to get better deals. here is just one link:

    to compare and put this in perspective, consider that in order to hire an American security person for Iraq, i’ve seen jobs offered and had recruiters hit on myself offering jobs to the tune of 120k to 150k salary. even Blackwater’s start pay (in country) was damn near 6 figures, with fantastic bennies. of course getting shot at or blown up were very real and constant probabilities. not good juju for a corporate recruiter’s job…

    but a contracted and well-trained Ugandan could be paid under 1000 bux per month, with little or no bennies, and LOVE it. its 10 to 20 times their average income, and well-trained Ugandans are absolutely fearless. they will NOT run in the face of fire and/or death. the cooperative training and other coalition security partnerships boomed with the stand up of our new Africa Command joint military unified command in 2007, lead by a full General (four stars):

    the relationship with Uganda in Iraq was well under way long before last year’s formal AFRICOM opening of its HQ in Stuttgart, Germany.

    from my little bro, who was an Army MP security personnel in Iraq for the surge, 2007-2008, neither the insurgents nor AQ would f**k with Ugandan security guards. IMHO, it was DoD money very well spent. no doubt they have saved American lives…

    but they are not recruiting them for our US Army.

    PS: on a related theme, here’s what AFRICOM is doing about “Somali pirates” and why their little outlaw fleets have suddenly yielded negative results for them. HA!


  7. NiceDeb,
    in keeping with this thread theme, compare and contrast GWB and Teh Obamessiah, which will be done more and more (finally!) now that the mask of socialism has been ripped away from the Obamanation, i offer these two links i found today:

    “Obama’s War”, by BigFurHat posted at American Thinker


    “What happened to that America, Dad?”, by Tom Flake posted at Brutally Honest
    “What happened to that America Dad?”

    … its about time. 😉 reeko


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