Jim Cramer:”Capitalism Vanishing”

I detect a growing sense of  despair in many of our pundits. Jim Cramer, for one is looking increasingly stricken:

I think I can finish that last sentence for him: ….“thanks to an administration that doesn’t seem to know”OR CARE.

Here’s what David Axelrod told the Washington Post a couple of  weeks ago:

We’re taking the long view,” Axelrod tells Romano in the interview shown here. “This problem didn’t come about in a day, it’s not going to be solved in a day.”

Yet a bad day can drive any White House’s thinking, the interviewer notes.

“It can drive a White House. It may not drive ours,” Axelrod replies. “This town can get in a frenzy very quickly about the story of the moment. But the real story is written over time. We’re going to keep our heads about us.”

Here’s Obama saying that the stock market is basically like a “tracking poll in politics”!

As for his closing remark about an administration that doesn’t seem to know,,,

That video from Naked Emperor News, surfaced last September right after the Stock Market meltdown. Wall Street, incidentally, put its money behind Obama.

One more thing – Cramer’s reference to Lenin hearkens back to a remark he made on a prior show:

“There was a little snippet last week that was, ‘Now is not the time for profits.’ Look – in Lenin’s book, “What Is to Be Done,” is simple text of what I always though was for the communists. It was remarkable to hear very similar language from ‘What Is to Be Done?’ which is we have no place for profits.”

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Just so you know:

Jim Cramer is a lifelong Democrat. Thanks to Wintery Knight Blog for alerting me to that pertinent little fact. Wintery has little sympathy for the dupes who voted for Obama:

I hope he loses piles of money, and I hope everyone who voted for Obama loses everything. EVERYTHING.

Remember, Democrats caused this mess by forcing banks to make loans in order to achieve social justice for the benefit of other irresponsible democrats who signed contracts to purchase more house than they could afford. These banks were being run by democrats who got million-dollar bonuses while fudging the accounting and paying off Democrat lawmakers to stave-off efforts by Bush to regulate them.

And now they are voting in wasteful spending bill after wasteful spending bill, none of this spending will help the economy one iota. And it’s not just socialist tax policy, it’s protectionist trade policy, too. And no matter how much Obama raises taxes on the productive class, we cannot afford to pay for this spending.

Democrats in general seem to believe that their socialism will make the economy grow faster. The falling market market must be a real wake-up call to their ignorant faith in an ideology of feelings and intentions.

Open Letter To Obama From Carlos The Jackal


Apparently, we can  add the notorious lefty terrorist, Carlos the Jackal to the long list of  radical riffraff who adore Obama, and are looking to him to forward the Socialist revolution. I keep thinking (hoping?) that this must be a hoax:

AUTHOR:  Ilich RAMÍREZ SÁNCHEZ إلييتش راميريز سانشيز

POISSY, 29th January 2009

President of the U.S.A

Mister President,

Your decision to close secret C.I.A. gaols, honours you.

Our Comrade Bruno BRÉGUET, a swiss citizen, was abducted on  11th November 1995 from  a ferry-boat between Italy and Greece, in a special operation with NATO naval support.

We pray you to have Bruno released.

We were informed unofficially, that Bruno died accidentally during interrogation at a U.S. base in the south of Hungary.

If Bruno truly is dead, we need his body back, so his relatives, friends, and comrades, may mourn in neutral Switzerland, this hero of the Palestinian Cause, and his eternal soul join our martyrs in heaven.

Do not hesitate to have your services contact my swiss attorney Marcel BOSONNET, and the coordinator of my defence team, and dearest wife, Maître Isabelle COUTANT (PEYRE), of the Paris Bar.

To erase the infamy attached  to Guantanamo base, do return that occupied territory to its rightful owners, the Cuban people, on this 50th anniversary of their revolution.

I pray God Almighty that one day the peoples of our continent, free at last, may shout with one voice: “God bless our America!”

And as your Luo grandfather would say:


I remain, Mister President, yours in revolution,


Original article published on Feb. 7, 2009

Hat tip: WND.

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If this is some kind of hoax…I’m in pretty good company.