Olathe Tea Party


The Nice Deb after action report: Not as big as we would have hoped – 100- 150 people in all,  disappointing considering last week we had over 200 on the Plaza DURING a snowstorm. Participants agreed, a better effort needs to be made to get the word out, like calling local radio talk shows to broadcast time and place. Also the weather may have played a part – VERY windy with a threat of rain.

Like last week it was a fun, enthusiastic group of hardcore conservatives. Once again we got many honks of approval, including one guy who put his hand on his horn and didn’t let go…poor guy must have lost his shirt in the stock market. There was one suv full of moonbats that went around the block a few times with a sign that said, “Obama Rocks!”….that was their entire message: “Obama Rocks!” Maybe next time they could come up with a pithy message to explain why that is.

We had no trouble expressing our opposition:

One of mine:







Heh…I love the googly eyes – nice touch:



*Read it and weep, Obamicans:




The fair tax people have been at all of these things:



We’re on to you, Obama:



What can I say? People are concerned:




This lady needed a rest, but proudly held her sign:




I’ll take number 2 for $500, Trebek:






A Cuban immigrant offers his insight:












Mine (seriously, google it):



Mine, too: Suck it, Obots:



See also: Katablog, who was there, and offers her 2 cents with slide-show.

and Kansas Meadowlark who has much better crowd pix.


Some of the Tea Party goers were organizing Glen Beck “We Surround Them” viewing parties. See here for a party near you.


Michelle Malkin has a good round-up of Saturday’s tea parties.


Yowza. Gateway Pundit is reporting that a tax revolt in Fullerton, CA drew 15,000 people. You know what helped?  Local talk radio promoted the event, local talkers John and Ken hosted.


American Power reports that the Fullerton protest drew more like 9000. Either way…impressive numbers. Also, some words on the new Conservative grassroots organizing.


Don’t miss the slideshow at Before My First Cup Of Joe for even more pix.

39 thoughts on “Olathe Tea Party

  1. I was there with the crowd. I agree that we need a better way to get the word out on these protests. Still, for a last minute notice, I thought we had a good turn out. I was really jazzed to hear all the horns honking for us. I only noticed a couple of cars giving us the finger.


  2. I was wearing a light blue t shirt with shorts. My sign was my Reagan T shirt. I told my husband next time I am going to make an actual sing with the words “Welcome Back Carter” a play on the Welcome Back Kotter TV show.


  3. I am not really in any on of the pics. I was pretty much a bystander. I was near the woman with the sign that said “In Loving Memory of American Democracy”


  4. I didn’t notice you. Are you going to the Glenn Beck “We Surround Them” viewing party at the Tanners in Gladstone?


  5. I love the pig costume! Very nice touch. While I’m sure you would’ve liked more people, 100-150 people still look good gathered at a street corner. Good job!


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  7. Hi Deb. Sorry I missed yesterday’s event. It’s just my luck that I was stuck in the shop on the nicest Saturday of the last three. For a small crowd, it did look good.

    I know you have been sending emails to the morons, but is anyone collecting email addresses and/or phone numbers for those attending the protests? We really need a better way to get the word out for future events.

    Thank you again for all you do!


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  9. April 25th @ 12.00 noon.
    We are hosting a rally to restore sound money.
    more information at http://www.libertyrestorationproject.org
    Speakers will include:

    Mater of Ceremony: Tom Mullen
    Author of the newly released book, A Return to Common Sence, and past speaker at the Revolution March.

    Speaker 1: Marcy Brooks
    Famous juror from America, Freedom to Fascism, and past speaker at the Revolution March.

    Speaker 3: Representative Jim Guest
    Champion of LIBERTY in the Missouri House, and past speaker at both the Revolution March and the KC End the Fed rally.

    Speaker 4: Darrell Castle
    VP Candiate for the Constitution Party during 2008 Presidential election and past speaker at the KC End the Fed rally.


  10. Hey nicedeb,
    Great photos. Only place I found pictures to prove I was there. My husband doesn’t know how to push the button on my camera. But that’s Ok I still love him. That’s me in the war on Prosperity sign.
    I have a slide show from Saturday at:
    Take a look if you get the time.
    Wanted to go to the rally in Topeka today but couldn’t find a ride. so if any one’s out there that’s just going to the rally from KC please let me know.


  11. I’m gonna have to skip that one, but I’ll link to your website. I looked for it yesterday but found a moonbat website, instead.
    We’re talking world class stupid there – the post I saw: “Who cares about the stock market, it doesn’t effect me


  12. “If you can read this sign your smarter than Nancy Pelosi” with a pencil correction. Classic.

    You folks are great, don’t ever change.


  13. Because you’ve never made a sloppy spelling error, and corrected it?

    And you think a corrected spelling error is worth an entire post of ridicule? LAME!


  14. If you had made any kind of point with your ad hominems, I would at least have had something to work with. But since you didn’t you got deleted, yes.


  15. “Read it at weep?

    Is English not your first language? Or are you a moron? Oh wait — reactionary Republitard. So yes, moron.

    Boy, we’re all gonna suffer badly when you subliterate wingnuts “go Galt.” You have contributed so much to America, after all.

    Congrats on that awesome turnout! Maybe next time you could join forces with the PUMAs! Birdbrains of a feather sticking together and all that.


  16. Yeah, Kerry….there’s a reason why it’s considered bad form to point out typos on the internet….it’s because everybody makes them. You stay classy, though.

    It must really bother you that that these tea parties are taking off all over the country for you to come here with such venom. What’s the matter? Are you afraid the mean ol’ wingnuts are going to take away your government cheese?


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  19. So are all of you down with not ever accepting the following: Medicare, Medicaid, and Soc. Security? I would hope so!


  20. Oh also, if you really want to protest some of this stuff, don’t use the trail systems in Olathe and Johnson County, don’t drive down 127th street or the overpass, shoot, you may need to stop driving all together. If it weren’t for “Pork” Olathe wouldn’t be half of the city that it is today, and the same goes for a great deal many of the cities in the US.


  21. Um, no…How about we ask that our Reps in congress allocate money for their home state’s projects in an honest and forthright manner, in bills that actually have something to do with them?


  22. I can tell from the pics that this was very near where I live, and I had no idea about it! What is the best way to find out when/where these demonstrations will take place so I (& my like-minded friends) can join you?!



  23. Check out the Kansas City Tea Party link on my left sidebar. see also Americans for Prosperity, also on my left sidebar. They has a branches in all the states. This blog often announces regional tea parties and events, too.


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  25. I am a 72 year old great grandfather. I do not fear Al Qaeda. I do not waste time worrying about the Taliban. And though a real threat to Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah are of no immediate threat to the safety of my nation.

    There is however, one organization of which I am absolutely petrified, for it not only has the power, but has demonstrated its willingness, to utterly destroy the America in which I grew up and have always loved. It is The Congress of the United States. And, if those of us who love America do nothing to stop the disillusion of our Constitutional protections, Congress and the current President will destroy America as we have known it.

    For this reason I have drafted a series of proposals that I would hope Congressional candidates would be willing to sign in order to gain the support of voters and end the insanity of self-interest and “political correctness” that has totally crippled our nation.

    Should you choose to forward this, I would be honored and have no objection to the inclusion of my e-mail address.


    Rev. Charles Stanley, Retired

    Winfall, N.C.

    Proposed Congressional Candidate’s Pledge

    1. I pledge that I will aggressively pursue legislation to provide “line-item” veto powers for the President.

    2. I pledge that I will aggressively support a Bill to end the President’s ability to circumvent Congressional “Advise and Consent” oversight by appointing Czars who are answerable only to the President.

    3. I pledge that I will aggressively support legislative action to force a true and just determination of Barack Obama’s eligibility to fill the office of President of the United States, demanding that he provide to Congress a valid birth certificate and unseal all educational records, including requests for educational funding, for the purpose of seeking statements of nationality contained therein. In the absence of his full and immediate cooperation in facilitating such Congressional determination, I will aggressively pursue his immediate impeachment and removal from office.

    4. In the hearts of Americans, our Stars and Stripes represent far more than simply a national flag. It is the living symbol of the sacrifice of hundreds-of-thousands of our countrymen who have shed their blood or given the ultimate gift of their lives in defense of our Constitution and the freedoms it has guaranteed us for 223 years. I pledge that I will aggressively support legislation to make it a Federal crime to burn or otherwise deface the flag of the United States as a means of protest.

    5. I acknowledge that the astronomical increase in costs associated with re-election has resulted in members of Congress being dependent upon “special interest” funding in order to have any hope of re-election. I further acknowledge that there is only one reasonable means of ending or limiting this unconstitutional conflict of interest. I pledge therefore to actively and aggressively support legislation providing “two-term” limits for all members of congress.

    6. I pledge that I will aggressively support an end to members of Congress taking thousands in campaign funding with the right hand and, with the left, doling out millions of taxpayer dollars as pay-off. Therefore I will neither submit amendments for “ear marks,” nor vote for passage of any bill, regardless of its importance, that contains an “ear mark”.

    7. I pledge that I will neither submit, nor vote “yea” on any Bill that contains an amendment, the subject of which differs from the primary subject of the Bill being voted upon.

    8. I pledge that I will cast no vote, either yea or nea, on any Bill which I have not personally read in its entirety.

    9. I pledge that I will aggressively support legislation to make it a Federal felony to pay anyone for the purpose of registering voters, thereby facilitating election fraud.

    10. Every member, or hopeful member, of Congress is quick to tout his/her commitment to “serve the nation.” None has ever admitted to a desire to gain personal access to the national treasury. I pledge therefore, that I will aggressively support a Bill to end self-voted pay raises for Congress and tie yearly increases and decreases in Congressional pay directly to performance in the actual percentage of annual expenditure over or below federal budget for each budget year, with no hidden exceptions or exclusions in the compilations.

    11. The commission of a crime by a member of Congress, in whom voters have vested the highest measure of Constitutional trust, constitutes a severe breach of contract with the electorate. I pledge therefore, that I will aggressively support legislation to immediately cut off all pay, benefits and retirement privileges and expel any member of Congress who is convicted of a crime, including past members of Congress who have been so convicted, yet still receive pay and/or benefits.
    I further pledge that I will aggressively support legislation to assure the immediate termination of any employee of the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches of the Federal government, found to be more than one year in default on Federal, state or local taxes.

    12. I pledge that I will aggressively support a Bill to place members of Congress on the Social Security system, with standard Social Security and Medicare benefits at the time of retirement.

    13. I pledge that I will neither support, nor vote yea, on any law affecting voters, that does not apply equally to members of Congress.
    I pledge that I will neither support, nor vote yea, on any law affecting members of Congress, that does not apply equally to voters.

    14. I pledge that I will aggressively support a Bill to end any participation of “special interest” in the writing of Bills to be voted upon by Congress. I will begin by scrapping the “Prescription Medication Bill,” (written by the Pharmaceutical Industry to protect its financial interest). I pledge that I will draft and/or support legislation that will:
    – grant to Medicare the right to negotiate drug prices for seniors.
    – for those not yet eligible for Medicare, allow the purchase of the same prescription medications from Canada.

    15. I pledge that I will aggressively support legislation to end totally dysfunctional government bureaucracies, such as The Department of Energy, instituted August 1977 to end our dependence upon foreign oil. After 32 years, its only success is measured in a $24.2 billion dollar annual budget, 16,000 federal employees, 100,000 contract employees and zero impact upon US dependence on foreign oil.

    16. In the absence of the national media, now enjoyed by our citizens, the early electorate knew little of political hopefuls outside their immediate communities. The Founding Fathers accounted for this by allowing them to elect educated, well traveled men of their community who were familiar with state and national candidates, to function as an Electoral College. This situation is completely reversed in the 21st century. Everyone now knows the candidates, but has no idea who represents him in the Electoral College. For this reason I pledge to aggressively support legislation to assure “one man – one vote” by dissolving the Electoral College.

    17. I abhor attempts to dilute “the American Dream” for our natural born citizens and for those who have legally crossed our borders to pursue it. I pledge that, as a member of Congress, I will ensure that the Census Bureau is directed to count only American citizens and at no time will illegal aliens be included in or enumerated by our National Census.
    I also pledge that, in-as-much-as America is a nation of laws and those, whose very presence within our borders testifies to their breach of our law, I will fully and aggressively enforce every aspect of our nation’s immigration laws and:
    – end “anchor child” status to any child born here of illegal alien parents.
    – deny the expenditure of taxpayer dollars in any form, for any reason, to other than legal citizens of the United States.
    – actively and aggressively fight any Congressional effort to enact an Immigration Reform Bill that provides for the naturalization of illegal aliens regardless of the name or label attached to either the Bill or the naturalization process. Should such a Bill be signed into law by the President prior to swearing-in of the 112th Congress, I will aggressively pursue its immediate nullification.
    I further pledge that I will aggressively support the following:
    – legislation to designate English as the official language of the United States.
    – expand, strengthen and make permanent the E-Verify program.
    – make it a Federal felony to employ illegal aliens.
    – permanently revoke the business license of any business employing illegal aliens.
    – withhold any and all federal funds from any city, county or state which declares itself a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens or fails to actively participate in the identification and immediate deportation of illegal aliens.
    – bring impeachment charges against any employee of the Federal government, charged with responsibility for protecting the sanctity of our borders, who fails to demonstrate aggressive fulfillment of that responsibility.

    18. I pledge that I will aggressively support legislation which will, once and for all, put an end to any efforts to create a NAFTA Super Highway through the United States from Mexico to Canada.

    19. I acknowledge that America issues more Visas to allow legal immigration into our country than do all of the other nations on earth combined. In spite of this, the U.S. Department of State joins with “Big Business” to “game the system” by constantly attempting to expand the system or add new Visa programs to bring in more “slave labor” to take American jobs. I pledge that I will aggressively investigate State Department abuse of the H1B and all other Visa programs and take appropriate action to ensure that:
    – the State Department does not exceed its mandate.
    – that companies bringing in unskilled or less than “highly skilled” workers under these programs shall be forever barred from participation in such programs.


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