MSNBC Vote: Give Obama A Grade

Oh my. If this MSNBC poll is to be believed, Bam’s not as popular as people think.

The results thus far:

If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get?   * 25305 responses
He gets an A
He gets a B
He gets a C
He gets a D

Those A and B votes must be based on some kind of wicked curve.

The polls still open, so get your butts over there.


Now it’s 56% F.


Now it’s 60%


Now it’s up to 62%.

Why are so many Americans giving Obama a failing grade?

There are a whole host of reasons, really.

The San Francisco Chronicle weighs in with Is It Amateur Hour At The White House?

John Hawkins: The 10 Biggest Mistakes By The Obama Administration Thus Far


The cult has discovered the poll, and are bombing the site now with “A” votes.

Obama’s War On Business

Is Obama a Manchurian President? Laugh away, but this doesn’t come to us from some right wing blog.

March 9 (Bloomberg):

Imagine that some hypothetical enemy state spent years preparing a “Manchurian Candidate” to destroy the U.S. economy once elected. What policies might that leader pursue?

He might discourage private capital from entering the financial sector by instructing his Treasury secretary to repeatedly promise a brilliant rescue plan, but never actually have one. Private firms, spooked by the thought of what government might do, would shy away from transactions altogether. If the secretary were smooth and played rope-a-dope long enough, the whole financial sector would be gone before voters could demand action.

Another diabolical idea would be to significantly increase taxes on whatever firms are still standing. That would require subterfuge, since increasing tax rates would be too obvious. Our Manchurian Candidate would have plenty of sophisticated ideas on changing the rules to get more revenue without increasing rates, such as auctioning off “permits.”

These steps would create near-term distress. If our Manchurian Candidate leader really wanted to knock the country down for good, he would have to provide insurance against any long-run recovery.

There are two steps to accomplish that.

Discourage Innovation

First, one way the economy might finally take off is for some entrepreneur to invent an amazing new product that launches something on the scale of the dot-com boom. If you want to destroy an economy, you have to persuade those innovators not even to try.

Second, you need to initiate entitlement programs that are difficult to change once enacted. These programs should transfer assets away from productive areas of the economy as efficiently as possible. Ideally, the government will have no choice but to increase taxes sharply in the future to pay for new entitlements.

A leader who pulled off all that might be able to finish off the country.

Read on as the author illustrates how everything listed above is being put into into Obama’s economic policy.

This is why Obama MUST FAIL.

Hat tip: Moonbattery


Cramer was right to call Obama a Leninist. Check out these Lenin quotes Neo-Neocon dug up:

The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.

The goal of socialism is communism.

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.

No amount of political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses.

See her site for the rest.

Thanks to The Anchoress – American Leningrad for that.


Byron York: The founding fathers would want Obama to fail, too.

Gateway Pundit: The Obama Disaster – a good synopsis of Obama’s Presidency thus far.

Catholic Church In CT Under Attack!

Bill of Rights

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

From The Diocese Of Bridgeport Website:

This past Thursday, March 5, the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature, which is chaired by Sen. Andrew McDonald of Stamford and Rep. Michael Lawlor of East Haven, introduced a bill that directly attacks the Roman Catholic Church and our Faith.

This bill violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It forces a radical reorganization of the legal, financial, and administrative structure of our parishes. This is contrary to the Apostolic nature of the Catholic Church because it disconnects parishes from their Pastors and their Bishop. Parishes would be run by boards from which Pastors and the Bishop would be effectively excluded.

This bill, moreover, is a thinly-veiled attempt to silence the Catholic Church on the important issues of the day, such as same-sex marriage.

The State has no right to interfere in the internal affairs and structure of the Catholic Church. This bill is directed only at the Catholic Church but could someday be forced on other denominations. The State has no business controlling religion.

This is an outrage! What makes the government think they should be involved with the internal workings of the church???

The Diocese of Connecticut website is urging people to fight this effort:

We urge you to call and e-mail Sen. McDonald and Rep. Lawlor:

Senator Andrew McDonald:
Capitol phone: (800) 842-1420; Home phone: (203) 348-7439

Representative Michael Lawlor:
Capitol phone: (800) 842-8267; Home phone: (203) 469-9725

We also ask you to come to Hartford this Wednesday, March 11, to be present at the public hearing. Details on bus transportation will be available on Monday. If you would like to attend, contact your Pastor.

It is up to us to stop this unbridled abuse of governmental power.

It is time for us to defend our First Amendment rights.

It is time for us to defend our Church!

Hat tip: Laura Ingraham


Wow. Guess who’s converting to Catholisim?

UN Commission Meeting Promotes Radicalism, Criticizes Catholicism.


Well, this didn’t take long: Hearing cancelled, bill dead.

What would have happened if people hadn’t spoken out?