Tea Parties A Go-Go

Dan Riehl asks: Are Tea Parties America’s Last, Best Hope?

He thinks maybe they are:

….we now have an administration hell bent on re-shaping America into an image upon which the American people have never had an honest chance to vote. And it also seems this administration aims to do it before the people have a formal opportunity to vote again.

I’m not a demonstrator by nature and am completely open to any solid argument that offers a legitimate way forward for those on the Center-Right with a strong and somewhat immediate desire to be heard. So, if it isn’t taking to the streets, please tell me what it is.

Until I see one I can sincerely believe in, I think the Tea Party concept may be the only potentially successful option we have left.

With yet another stimulus package coming down the pike, and the Democrats eager to ram it through like the first one along with the pork filled Omnibus that just passed, what’s left for us to do?  I don’t favor any of this horrific spending , yet it’s my money, and my children’s money, and my children’s children’s money that is going to be paying for it.

It turns out most Americans are weary of these stimulus packages…in fact the Dems in Congress don’t even have a majority of country’s Democrats on board with this latest “stimulus” if you believe this poll. How else are we to have our voices heard?

Americans all over the nation are planning protests on April 15th. Check out where the closest one to you will be, and plan on going, if you want to fight this. If you’re on Facebook, join the American Tea Party Group. You can check out The New American Tea Party for listings, as well.

Here in the Kansas City area there’s been a protest planned for every week. I posted pictures from the first three so far, in Overland Park, Kansas City, and Olathe.

Here’s a great video of the protest in Kansas City, where over 200 people showed up during a snow storm.

I’ve been alerted to yet another protest being planned for this weekend, organized by a couple of guys who as far as I know, just jumped into the fray:

Conservatives, Stand Up!

Protest Obama’s socialism this Saturday!!

Where: 95th & Mission  – McDonalds (NE corner, under construction)
What to do: Cheer for freedom and protest liberal
socialism!  Bring a handmade sign (suggestions below)!  Bring your kids!  Bring an American flag!

When: Saturday, March 14th.  9 – 10:30 AM

Spirit: Pro-America, spirited and respectful disagreement with the expansion of Obama’s socialism and the “bailout economy”

Signs: Use posterboard and large markers.  Need to be short & pithy.

Michelle Malkin and Instapundit have both been covering and encouraging these tea parties.  I’m glad to see that Dan Riehl, too, is on board.

One thought on “Tea Parties A Go-Go

  1. I won’t be able to go to this one because I have other plans for Saturday. I do plan on being at the one on April 15th at Johnson County Community College. I was thinking it would be a good idea to hold a protest outside the IRS building here in Kansas City.


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