While the tea parties, (which are popping up all over the country, drawing hundreds and even thousands of people every week), are attracting scarce attention from the media, a motley troupe of 40 ACORN malcontents that go by the name of the Connecticut Working Families Party attracted dozens of reporters from around the world for their protest of AIG working family homes, today:


The reporters outnumbered the protesters.

I’ve been to three tea parties so far, all of which were considerably larger than this sad little  exercise in class envy. Only the last one was covered by anyone in the MSM; one lone reporter from the local Fox affiliate.

But the AIG bonuses are apparently what the media insists we  be outraged about, not the insane spending spree Obama and the Dems in Congress have been on. I could have worked up a little indignation over the bonuses, myself,  but all of the maudlin emoting that came out of Congress, and the White House over them, knocked it right out of me.

Not so with CT Working Families Party.

Oh brother, here come the sob stories:

“We think $165 million could be used in a more appropriate way to keep people in their homes, create more jobs and health care,” said Emeline Bravo-Blackport, a gardener.

She marveled at AIG executive James Haas’ colonial house, which has stunning views of a golf course and the Long Island Sound. The Fairfield house is “another part of the world” from her life in nearby Bridgeport, which flirted with bankruptcy in the 1990s and still struggles with foreclosures and unemployment.”

“Lord, I wonder what it’s like to live in a house that size,” she said.

Another protester, Claire Jeffery, of Bloomfield, said she’s on the verge of foreclosure. She works as a housekeeper; her husband, a truck driver, can’t find work.

I’m not sure how protesting the AIG executives’ homes is going to help with any of that. They could be, you know… working.

Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool.


Verrrry interesting: More about the protest/”protesters”, here.


Via Instapundit:


9 thoughts on “ACORN AIG Protest FAIL

  1. Just the usual Lamestream Media of Mass Deception at work – gving ACORN a platform while ignoring the mass of people who want Washington D.C. to STOP THE INSANITEA!!

    How long until the MSM stops backing this ignorant, inexperience neo-Marxist FRAUD Obama?



  2. Just remember, the Sons of Liberty didn’t need msnbc, cnn or Fox to get the British’s attention. So we don’t need the msm. By the look of the numbers at our protests, I say we are doing quite well. obama and congress know what we are doing and they are afraid for their political careers. No doubt about it.


  3. 165$ Mil? Chump Change! Rep Bachmann said: “To me the bigger issue is what AIG has done with this $170 billion [in federal loans]. Nobody really knows. That’s really where the conversation needs to be…. We still haven’t seen a full examination of how we got into this mess.”

    I will be at the Tea Party in my city on April 15th, will you?

    “That’s the outrage that we need to focus on,” she said. “The American taxpayer is paying a high price for the sin of government – the fact that government … has yet to reform itself … We still haven’t seen a full examination of how we got into this mess.”


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  6. word is out that the Obamanists are going to do their best to hijack the Tea Parties on the 15th. why? remember their mantra: never waste a good crisis. to them THIS is a crisis. the media is already mis-reporting the Tea Party events (see nicedeb post “Orlando Tea Party Draws 3000 UPDATE:Or More”) but that is just one tactic. don’t be surprised if top-ranking Dems and possibly even the O’bam himself are seen out in front of a very suspiciously friendly “tea party” rally – channeling vicious outrage against “bonuses” “wasteful spending” “main street against wall street” etc.

    in other words, they are going to seriously try to hijack the purpose of these rallies – which should absolutely be focused AGAINST Obama and his Socialism – and change the message of the outrage to a vox populi of class warfare in order to support their own big government agendas.

    don’t be surprised if Obama or his minions are seen on the 15th with a bullhorn shouting anti- “obscene profits” “big oil” “corporations” “wall street” “greed” slogans as if he were Al Sharpton in his prime…

    if they can succeed in changing the message – we’ve lost the battle. remember, conservatives don’t protest, and contrary to every history book and TV/movie indoctrination otherwise, the vast majority of us who were youngsters in the 60s and 70s NEVER went to a protest of any kind. we aren’t used to this protesting stuff. this is THEIR game – and they are good at it. 😉 reeko


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