Orlando Tea Party Draws 3000 UPDATE:Or More

Sixty days into the new era of hope and change, receding oceans, and skittle-shitting unicorns:


CF News 13:

Protesters said *they felt the multi-billion dollar stimulus package will not do enough to help stimulate the economy, and that the bill was rushed through before most lawmakers even had the chance to read it.

A media release announcing the event said the rally’s aim was to show politicians that they were tired of bailouts and “wasteful Washington spending.”

Police said there were no problems at the rally.

Of course not…these are law abiding,  conservative people.

Rassmussen has bad news for Obama:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 36% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-two percent (32%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of +4 (see trends).

This puts Obama below where the much reviled President Bush was at this time in his Presidency. But at least our overseas allies are still on board with the Obama Express, right?

Maybe Obama’s brown shirted canvassers ( do not alert Godwin….click on link if you don’t believe me) should start hitting these tea parties to inform the ignorant masses about dear leader’s “bold plan to strengthen the American economy”.  Because from the looks of it, people are dubious. In fact, I think it’s safe to say, people are calling b.s. on Dear Leader in increasing numbers.

In the meantime, His Highness can go on 60 Minutes, (sans teleprompter) and beclown himself.

*Someone was clearly either misinterpreting what they were hearing, or was consciously trying to slant the reporting. Nobody and I do mean nobody who goes to these tea parties would say that the freakin’ stimulus was “not enough”.


Here’s a great gallery of pix from the Orlando tea party, via Instapundit.


Shelly from Floridians Unite says the crowd at the Orlando tea party was more like 5,000-6,000, according to the city and police on site.


More Pictures here and here.

See Michelle Malkin for more on all of this Saturday’s tea parties.

All via Instapundit, who’s been a tea-party-coverin’ fool since they started about a month ago.  Kudos to him for giving them the attention they should be getting from the MSM.

21 thoughts on “Orlando Tea Party Draws 3000 UPDATE:Or More

  1. I am so happy that the tea parties are having such a good turnout. I have my tea ready to mail to Washington. Someone advised to mail the tag at the end of the bag..because they were throwing them away as a precaution when they arrived. Thanks for the coverage..


  2. there is about to be a HUGE number of people rallying on 15 April from coast to coast. ( http://www.taxdayteaparty.com )

    however, the Left disinformationists see it coming. they are, as we speak, trying their best to hijack the coming Tea Party. they are going to do everything in their power to clone people’s angry sentiments AGAINST Obama into a “rage against the machine” vox populi FOR Obama’s policy. the disingenuous media will parrot the handful of posers who infiltrate these coming mass rallies, with on-camera one-liners blaming the evil Republicans and Bush and Cheney etc… and how we need the government to do “more”… and they will also eagerly enlist the sycophants in the media to back-report the “true” story, which will be anything BUT the truth.

    NiceDeb found a case in point here: just a hint of this media crafting by the Left is in the above carefully worded disinformation:

    “Protesters said they felt the multi-billion dollar stimulus package will not do enough to help stimulate the economy, //snip//”

    will not DO ENOUGH? my gawd! do these media freaks actually think people are mad because government is NOT spending enough money??? yes indeed they DO think we are stupid enough to believe that… but it gets worse. they end their pity partying with the following (their quotes):

    // A media release announcing the event said the rally’s aim was to show politicians that they were tired of bailouts and “wasteful Washington spending.” //

    notice the careful nuance of this supposed “media release” and how the media (CF News 13) emphasized that protesters were only “tired” of the bailouts, then implied our backlash was because of “wasteful” spending. the deliberate equivocation is: bailouts = good; wasteful spending = evil. an ingenious assumption for empty-headed fools to glam onto a Saviour to direct the spending.

    in journalism this is called “leading” or “baiting” a real story with a subterfuge in order to produce preconceived deductions. this reporter is paving the way for more of this claptrap to follow… he is only one of lefions of others.

    this fight is gonna be HUGE. see what we are up against?


  3. Reeko, I caught the same thing you did, and almost said something about it, but….I don’t know..I guess I’m so used to the media slant, I just let it pass. Still, I’d like to know who they spoke to at the tea party that “felt the multi-billion dollar stimulus package will not do enough to help stimulate the economy”, because that right there is utter bullshit, and flies in the face of the actual theme of these things: you can’t spend your way out of debt, and into prosperity. No one but an agent provocateur would say such an asinine thing.

    Unless it was the dim reporter’s faulty interpretation of what people were saying…


  4. Thanks for posting our party! Actually the city and the police on site estimated the crowd at 5K-6K. It’s the media that’s passing around the 3K number figures!) Compare to the Cinci pictures (who had 5000) The amphitheater was jam packed and overflowing! The crowd was respectful and passionate, it was awesome!


  5. I was thinking the liberals would try to hijack our rally on April 15th, let them try it. I already got my Tax Day Tea Party T shirt and bumper stickers. I just have to make some posters. I’m super pumped.


  6. Speaking of shit eating unicorns, I saw obama trading cards on top of some unicorn trading cards at Target today. I wish I would have camera.


  7. This is GREAT!.

    April 1 – April 15: Don’t forget to send a tea bag to the president, your senators and representative. I’m also sending a bag to the IRS.

    Enough is enough!


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  9. I saw the CFNews13 online report as soon as I got home from the tea party. I talked to a lot of people there, and NO ONE said anything about thinking the stimulus bill did not do enough. I work for the left wing company that owns CFNews13, so that bogus report does not surprise me a bit. It was an out right lie. I noticed, too, that there was very little if any coverage from any of the other local media.


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  13. just heads up: the Dallas Tax Day Tea Party
    ( dallasteaparty.org ) now has a guest speaker/emcee: syndicated radio show host Mark Davis from WBAP. for those who don’t know him, Mark is a regular guest host for Rush Limbaugh. let’s hope all Tea Parties have star talent to pull in the Lefty media so, as they say, we make these rallies “too big to fail”! LOL


  14. The Kansas City Tea Party will have a local talk radio DJ, and several Republican Congress critters speaking. These things are going to be huge.


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