Oakland Leftist Moonbat Drones March In Support Of Cop Killer

Via Moonbattery:

It doesn’t get much more depraved than these street thugs paying respects for their fallen comrade:

Notice the People’s Socialist Party building in the background.

Via the American Thinker,  elsewhere in the neighborhood:

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

The Oakland school board has voted to change the name of a small school to Barack Obama Academy, reportedly the first middle school in the country to adopt the name of the nation’s 44th president.

While Obama has been in office fewer than 100 days, the 35 students at the former Alternative Learning Community public school persuaded the board Tuesday to make what they said was a historic change.Several students prepared statements and then sat for hours Tuesday night waiting for their turn
“They sat there 3 1/2 hours before they were allowed to speak,” said their school principal, Toni McElroy. “They carried themselves Barack-like.”

They had teleprompters?

The students told the board the old name was too negative, district officials said. The students received a standing ovation at the meeting after the unanimous vote.”These are students that people have written off,” McElroy said. “They were able to see that if you really push and if you really are motivated and consistent that you can make a change.”

4 thoughts on “Oakland Leftist Moonbat Drones March In Support Of Cop Killer

  1. Every been to Oakland, AKA New Mogadishu?

    I’m pretty sure that is where they were thinking of when they coined the term, “Area Denial Weapons”


  2. What does the first item have to do with the second?

    People march for a killer, and a school in the same city is renamed for the President. These are related because…?


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