Megan McCain – Feh

I have been avoiding the whole Megan McCain verses right wing pundits war, (that she started), out of appreciation for her behavior during the 2008 election, which was above reproach. I thought she was a very poised young lady, and an asset to the Republican party, even if she only registered Republican after her dad became a candidate in the Presidential race.

But she has been grating on my nerves with her wrong headed attacks on Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Laura Ingraham. She doesn’t like their blunt style, or their use of biting humor to make a point. She finds Coulter, in particular, to be “offensive, radical,  insulting  and confusing”. In other words, she doesn’t understand her.

The conflict escalated when Laura Ingraham took up for Ann Coulter, making this unfortunate quip:

“Do you think that anyone would be talking to you if you weren’t kind of cute and you weren’t the daughter of John McCain?” she asked, in her best Valley Girl accent. Speaking as Meghan McCain, she added: “ ‘OK, I was really hoping that I was going to get that role in the ‘Real World,’ but then I realized that, well, they don’t like plus-sized models.”

Not one of Ingraham’s finer moments, to be sure, and Megan rightly took offense.

But take a look at what she finds to be “the funniest thing she’s ever seen”.

She also finds the loathsome, anti-American, Republican-bashing British comedian, Russell Brand, “freaking hilarious”.

Pot meet kettle.

But this story, here, ( scroll down from Angie Harmon story)  seems to confirm what many have been saying about  her desire to fit in with the ‘cool kids.’ Ms. McCain recently appeared at Perez Hilton’s raunchy, star studded, Hollywood birthday bash:

Speaking of surprises, jaws dropped to the floor when Meghan McCain arrived — especially considering the world-famous gossip guru made several not-so-nice comments about mama Cindy’s “Stepford” existence and her daddy’s age in addition to retouching quite a few photos to show drool coming out of Mr. McCain’s mouth. Hmmm, so does Miss McCain have a hidden agenda in trying to get on Perez’s good side?

Coulter may have favored Hillary Clinton over Megan’s father…but at least she never retouched any photos of him.

Ms. McCain would do well to heed Michelle Malkin’s words:

Does the GOP need a new generation of conservatives who can defend our core values against the constant campus/media/Hollywood/effete European onslaught? Hell, yes.

Does the GOP need rudderless, self-defeating representatives who embrace pop culture demagogues on the Left while castigating the incivility of the “extreme Right?” Hell, no.

I agree.

And sadly, as it stands, I no longer think of her as an asset to the Republican party.


15 thoughts on “Megan McCain – Feh

  1. As along time Christian conservative who has always voted Republican, until the last election, I say we need more Meghan McCains with her forward looking ideas for our party. It is time we capitulate to Obama’s agenda and “hope” for the best.


  2. As a long time communist war criminal who always voted Democrat until the last election, I say we need more Rickies with her progressive realism and Che attitudes for our new People’s Party. Its time we eliminate the Christians, especially those blue eyed blondes that Lula warned us about and embrace President BO’s message of hope and change! Did I mention that I am a Christian too. I’ve attended the Rev. Wright’s church for over 20 years and learned the message that Allah sent, I mean the prophet sent, I mean Allah achkbar!


  3. Megan McCain never was an asset to the republican party..and I was a democrat. For me she and her mother stood on stage like they were plastic. John McCain didn’t want the position bad enough. Palin was the only real person in the campaign. Naturally I voted for McCain..what else could one do?


  4. I thought she conducted herself very well in interviews…even the Max Blumenthal ambush during the the RNC, which seems to have disappeared from the intertubes.

    But, I agree that Sarah Palin was the main attraction of the ticket. No doubt about that.


  5. I think of Russel brand as not so much a ‘comedian’ as a ‘guy who says stuff’.

    “Sometimes when I go to parties, I consume alcohol. The alcohol consumption causes me to become intoxicated. Intoxication is funny, laugh now. When I see women who are attractive, I want to have sex with them. Sexual situations, described in vulgar terms, are often good for a cheap laugh, according to this index card my agent gave me. Wait, I meant to say I want to fuck them in the cunt with my prick. That’s better. But seriously folks, as an edgy, brave speaker of truth to power, I’m going to pad out the rest of my material with paraphrases of Democratic Underground comments with pauses inserted where you’re supposed to laugh.


  6. I personally wish Laura would not have engaged her, but the whole point was that if Meghan had anything of value to say to the GOP she should have said it to the GOP…not on Maddow…not on the View. Meghan is soaking in the entertainment high life because she attacked the GOP. She is being used by the left. She should be intelligent enough to know that. Maybe she is, but she doesn’t care.


  7. Lisa,
    A few weeks ago, I made the same point about Meghan being used by the left on another blog (supposedly conservative) and got viciously attacked. I was also attacked for saying that we should get back to the core values that define the party. I was told that we need to attract more moderates into the Republican party if we are to defeat democrats. I was also told that we should be grateful she switched over and that she’s young and that we need more young people. It left me scratching my head. My $0.02.


  8. We’ve got to find some way of making it clear that we all agree, more moderates voting Republican would be a good thing, so now it’s the McCain fanclub’s job to figure out a way to ACTUALLY DO THAT. As opposed to just denouncing everyone all the time, like that’s guaranteed to make Hispanic voters fall in love with Republicans THIS time. Never worked before, but maybe THIS time.


  9. It is simply unnatural to expect an offspring of John McCain to be a real “conservative” – it just doesn’t fit. I mean … McCain himself isn’t a conservative – from whom would she learn conservative values? I still don’t think he gets that the only reason he got as many conservative votes as he did was because Sarah was on the ticket. That would go for the GOP at large, as well. I’m not just talking about social conservatism either – I mean fiscal and political conservatism. THAT’S what I care about. If people got away from the train of thought that the only thing the conservative ideology was concerned with was abortion – we would get more into the fold. As it is now – most people seem to think we care about nothing but religious issues – and that simply is not true.


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