Obama’s Transnationalist Nomination For State Department Legal Adviser.

David Limbaugh has done due diligence and looked into the background of Obama’s pick for legal adviser to the State Department, former Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh, a man who he says, “like George Soros and a host of ultra-left-wing bloggers, believes America is always the bad guy and that we should rehabilitate ourselves through following the wisdom of foreign nations and international bodies”:

As usual, President Barack Obama is multi-tasking the dismantling of the American system on so many fronts that not all of the outrages can be properly monitored. So while you should be mortified by his dictatorial power grab with General Motors, please don’t miss his recent nomination of former Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh as legal adviser for the State Department.

In his new position, Koh not only would represent the United States before international bodies, such as the U.N. and the International Court of Justice, but also would influence the degree to which laws of other countries should influence American jurisprudence.

Koh considers himself to be a Transnationalist, which he defines as a judge who:

•Thinks about how U.S. law fits into a framework of transnational law.

•Thinks that courts can “domesticate” international law (make it part of our law).

•Favors the development of a global legal system, while nationalists prefer a national legal system.

It has also been reported that while addressing the Yale Club of Greenwich in 2007, he claimed that “in an appropriate case, he didn’t see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States.”

Before you say that could never happen here, look to the UK, and their adoption of official Sharia Courts.

Limbaugh explains the philosophy of the Transnationalists, this way:

Transnationalists clearly believe in an ever-changing, living Constitution and reject originalism (interpreting the Constitution according to its original understanding). They are obviously globalists, not overly concerned with American’s national sovereignty. They see the international community, in the words of Koh, as a “community of reason” and believe that American judges, in interpreting our Constitution, can resort to this “community of reason” (foreign laws) to choose between two “plausible” legal positions. Indeed, Koh wrote approvingly of United States Supreme Court decisions acknowledging “evolving standards of decency” and that we may look to this global community of reason to determine what those standards are.

If any of this is too legalistic, let me quote from Koh’s “Jefferson Memorial Lecture on Transnational Legal Process After September 11,” published in the Berkeley Journal of International Law.

In his introductory remarks, Koh said the United States, along with North Korea and Iran, form “the axis of disobedience,” that is, those nations “whose disobedience with international law has attracted global attention after Sept. 11.” Are you beginning to see the picture here?

Yes, I get the picture. All Americans should have gotten the picture when Obama told 200,000 cheering Berliners last summer, that he was a “citizen of the world”.

Now we’re finding out the hard way just how serious he was.

UPDATE: (April 2):

With all of the controversy now swirling around Koh, Legal Insurrection wonders if he’s being “borked”, and if so, do the Dems have any ground in which to complain?

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Dick Morris explains to an incredulous Sean Hannity that one of the objectives at the  G20 Summit in London (that no one is talking about) is to put the American economy under international regulation:

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Transnationalist Nomination For State Department Legal Adviser.

  1. Lock and load – the revolution will start any time now. The USA is a SOVEREIGN nation – not beholding to the laws of any other nation or entity (read UN).

    Enough already!


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