Pro Life March Set For Notre Dame

The march is scheduled for April 17th, and  doubles as a protest to the university’s decision to honor the radical pro-abort President, Barack Obama at commencement.

See ND Response for details.

It cannot be said enough: Obama is easily the most radical, pro abortion President, this nation has ever elected, having voted 4 times against a bill to protect babies born as a result of botched abortions, while he was in the IL legislature.

Cardinal James Francis Stafford, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary of the Holy See, criticized Obama as “aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic.

He predicted a “time of trial” for Americans with the election of Obama.

The Vatican has said that Obama signing the Freedom of Choice Act (which he has promised to do) “would be the equivalent of a war.”

The Vatican also sharply criticized Obama for his executive order to overturn the ban on state funding for overseas abortions.

Archbishop Chaput warned of the “spirit of adulation” that surrounds Obama. He also lamented the election of Obama, scolding Catholics:

“November showed us that 40 years of American Catholic complacency and poor formation are bearing exactly the fruit we should have expected. Or to put it more discreetly, the November elections confirmed a trend, rather than created a new moment, in American culture.”

See The American Papist for a list of Catholic Bishops who have commented on the invitation; 32 thus  far, as well as his post on ND Pres. Jenkins’s fumbling  canon law defense.

You can sign the Stop The Scandal petition, here: over 258, 328 signatures so far.

A related story from The Cardinal Newman Society: Notre Dame Announces Homosexual-Themed Events for Easter Week

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New Revelations About The Shroud Of Turin

The Vatican recently announced that The Shroud of Turin was hidden and venerated by templar knights for more that 100 years after the Crusades. Bill O’Reilly discussed this new development with Father Jonathan Morris on his show, earlier this week:

I’m a true believer like Father Morris.

More on the Shroud:


A very good article at Slate about the unseemliness of crucifixion as an execution for a Messiah.

Welcome Anchoress (Good Friday Link Around), and Tipster (Shroud of Turin Missing Years) readers!

See also, American Power for a powerful Good Friday video.


I mentioned something about this in the comments, because I had seen a show about it on The Discovery channel, and now just by  happy chance, I see that Hot Air Headlines has linked to a Daily Mail story about the scientist who changed his mind about the shroud:

…the Turin shroud was widely dismissed as a hoax in 1988 when scientific tests found it could not be more than 1,000 years old.

Now one of the scientists who first studied 12 foot-long sheet has spoken – from beyond the grave – of how he came to believe that it could be genuine.

A video made shortly before Raymond Rogers died in 2005 has been discovered, in which the U.S. chemist reveals his own tests show the relic to be much older – dating back to between 1,300 and 3,000 years ago.

Dr Rogers said: ‘I don’t believe in miracles that defy the laws of nature. After the 1988 investigation I’d given up on the shroud.

‘But now I am coming to the conclusion that it has a very good chance of being the piece of cloth that was used to bury the historic Jesus.’

Read the whole thing.

Also, I found this interesting video at YouTube about the scientists who studies the Shroud in 1978.


The Discover Channel will be broadcasting Dr. Roger’s video, The Turin Shroud: New Evidence on Easter night. Check your local listings for time.


Or not. I was going by the Daily Mail’s reporting on the special on Discovery. There was no show in the states.