Pro Life March Set For Notre Dame

The march is scheduled for April 17th, and  doubles as a protest to the university’s decision to honor the radical pro-abort President, Barack Obama at commencement.

See ND Response for details.

It cannot be said enough: Obama is easily the most radical, pro abortion President, this nation has ever elected, having voted 4 times against a bill to protect babies born as a result of botched abortions, while he was in the IL legislature.

Cardinal James Francis Stafford, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary of the Holy See, criticized Obama as “aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic.

He predicted a “time of trial” for Americans with the election of Obama.

The Vatican has said that Obama signing the Freedom of Choice Act (which he has promised to do) “would be the equivalent of a war.”

The Vatican also sharply criticized Obama for his executive order to overturn the ban on state funding for overseas abortions.

Archbishop Chaput warned of the “spirit of adulation” that surrounds Obama. He also lamented the election of Obama, scolding Catholics:

“November showed us that 40 years of American Catholic complacency and poor formation are bearing exactly the fruit we should have expected. Or to put it more discreetly, the November elections confirmed a trend, rather than created a new moment, in American culture.”

See The American Papist for a list of Catholic Bishops who have commented on the invitation; 32 thus  far, as well as his post on ND Pres. Jenkins’s fumbling  canon law defense.

You can sign the Stop The Scandal petition, here: over 258, 328 signatures so far.

A related story from The Cardinal Newman Society: Notre Dame Announces Homosexual-Themed Events for Easter Week

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Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

3 thoughts on “Pro Life March Set For Notre Dame

  1. NiceDeb, as u know, i am not a catholic, but i am pro-life. i went ahead and signed this petition a few days ago and just did it again as “reeko” 😉

    there are plenty of liberalretard colleges and universities for the O-bow-ma to speak at. Notre Dame shouldn’t be one of them. just my dos pesos.


  2. Notre Dame has been the battleground for Liberlas for a long time. I know good Catholics who wouldn’t let their children go there for that reason. I can only pray He shall prevail there, and soon.


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