Who’s Going to A Tax Day Tea Party?

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tax-day-tea-partyTax Day Tea Party

Take a look at this map, via Michelle Malkin. There’s virtually no excuse not to go to one, unless you live in the upper Midwest hinterlands….what’s the matter with those people?


Over 300 2000(!) tea parties re scheduled for april 15th. That’s a lot of right wing wackos!

Why the tea party movement is important:

The Tea Party Movement is merely a step in the right direction in the war against tyranny and socialism. Those of us working at the National level are under no delusion that we’re going to change the world on April 15th. To assume we believe such would be borderline absurd.

We do, however, understand that the original Boston Tea Party Protest only had a few hundred participants and set the movement on a path to ultimate victory against the King of England. We understand that it wasn’t “A-Listers” or “Top Shelf Speakers”. It wasn’t the usual “leaders” or well known faces. It was, instead, every day business owners and taxpayers who quietly met in pubs, taking the opportunity to network and contemplate collaborative strategy.

On April 15th, hundreds of thousands of Americans will gather in more than 360 cities across all 50 states to proclaim their lack of confidence in our Government. We the people will shake hands, network, share ideas, discuss our frustrations, let some steam out, and begin to develop new coalitions and citizen groups.

April 15th will be Historic in nature not because we instantly changed the world, but because we set in motion a machine that will counter out of control Government and eventually put it back in the hands of the people.

Tea Party information can  be found at Tax Day Tea Party, or at Americans For Prosperity. Kansas City area readers can find info at Kansas City Tea Party on the Kansas side,  Americans for Prosperity on the Missouri side.

See Naked Emperor News for shirts, stickers, and more for upcoming tea parties.

Free tea party graphics for signs, here. Update: Now with designs especially for kids!

More printable signs, here.

A word of caution; the following is not verified, but it’s worth keeping in mind:

Don’t sign anything at tea parties unless you are absolutely sure what you are signing.

I don’t know if this is just rumor, but this has been circulating so I thought it needed attention:

“And for general information: ACORN is “gate busting” Tea Parties nationwide.

These far-left goons are attending them and misapprehending their allegiance.

They are getting petitions signed, misrepresenting them as opposition to the Obama agenda.

They are getting petitions signed, misrepresenting them as against Obama and taxes.

They explain something different than that written on the petition.

More fraud, and lies from Obama Acorn people.

Please be careful when signing your name to anything at these Tea Parties.

We are still not sure what these whackjobs are using the names for, these people are known for violent criminal acts,bullying tactics, fraud and harassment (just to name a few).

Again, please pass this on and GOD BLESS YOU, YOURS, OUR TROOPS, AMERICA, and HER PEOPLE.

Rob Shepherd
PS:  Please feel free to check out my myspace profile, it’s myspace.com/moondog61

Visit North Carolinians for the Preservation of the Constitution at:

Here’s a Pajama’s Media video from Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, who’s been one of the Internet’s leading tea party boosters.

And finally, an AoSHQ moron spent his day at work, making this Tax Day Tea Party video, which is actually worth a watch:


Instapundit reports:

At Democratic National Committee headquarters yesterday morning, party workers were loading minivans with Xerox boxes, each addressed to a different congressional office. It was a classic campaign canvassing operation — except that the next election is 19 months away. “Supporters of President Obama’s Budget to Hand Deliver 642,000 Pledges Gathered from Around the Country to Capitol Hill,” announced the Democrats’ news release. CNN and the Huffington Post dutifully reported the DNC’s claim of 642,000 pledges. Network cameras and the BBC showed up to film the operation. “We had one of the big printers downstairs smoking last night,” party spokesman Brad Woodhouse said.

In fact, the canvassing of Obama’s vaunted e-mail list of 13 million people resulted in just 114,000 pledges — a response rate of less than 1 percent.

I think we can beat that on April 15.


A WARNING: “Former House speaker Newt Gingrich is warning of a third party mutiny in 2012 if Republicans don’t figure out a way to shape up.” It could happen. People think the Tea Party protests are pro-Republican, but they aren’t, really, and they could easily turn pro-third party if the GOP doesn’t live up to its small-government claims. And that’s not a living-up it’s been very good at in recent years.


And at Riehl World View, a Tea Party Resolution?:

The collision of the Tea Party movement and politics was always inevitable. It seems to be gaining some steam. Even Senators now have a chance to weigh in given this resolution.

Whereas taxpayers in the United States are expressing their opposition to high taxes and skyrocketing spending by the United States Government by organizing ‘‘Taxed Enough Already’’ parties, also known as ‘‘TEA’’ parties:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate designates each of April 15, 2009, and April 15, 2010, as ‘‘National TEA Party Day’’.



Just heard of one more tea party in the Kansas City area:

Lee’s Summit Tea Party

Wednesday April 15, 2009 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm

City Hall of Lees Summit

220 Se Green St
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063 Get Directions
If you aren’t happy with the lack of fiscal responsibility in Washington. If you don’t like the accumulation of trillions of dollars of debt to (you)the taxpayer. If you don’t like the size of government and the new power it is attaining each day … Come join us and let your voice be heard. This is a Tax Day TEA Party … TEA is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already. This is a peaceful protest – to let our voices be heard. The event is open to the public from all areas.
Lee’s Summit: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Liberty Memorial 4:00pm – 5:30pm (will leave 1/2 hour early in order to get to Overland Park)…
Johnson County Community College: 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
Scheduled speakers:

William Lewis of Lee’s Summit
Former Congressional Candidate Jacob Turk
Mike Cierpiot
Additional Speakers to be announced

Live Patriotic Music by Steve McCollum

GREAT NEWS!!!! Our Tea Party to be aired on AM710 beginning Wednesday. Tune in to Chris Stigall in the morning on your drive in and Sean Hannity or Micheal Savage on your way home to “hear” about it!!

Awesome! I get to go to three tea parties in one day!


One More:

Join AFP activists and me at a taxpayer tea party on April 14th in opposition to wasteful spending at the federal and state levels. Bring your tea bags to “dump,” along with letters to be signed and delivered to Senator McCaskill’s office, and board the U.S.S. Porkulus to stand against reckless spending in Missouri.

We will also be visiting our state legislators to demand that stimulus dollars be used for one-time projects, not recurring programs.

What: AFP Missouri Taxpayer Teaparty
Who: Americans for Prosperity – Missouri
When: Tuesday, April 14, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: South Steps, State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri

Click here to register online.


Looking for ideas for posters? 101 ideas here.

See also, Michelle Malkin, who is concerned about anti-tea party sabotage, and smear campaigns.


on the plans by lefties to infiltrate tea parties, here.


Sign contest at KC Tax Day Tea Party, OP (JCCC):

1st Prize: $100.00 Gift Certificate, Midwest Dermatology

2nd Prize: $75.00 Gift Card to J. Alexanders

3rd Prize: $50.00 Gift Card to Price Chopper

Honorable Mention: $25.00 value, Tequila Harry’s Dinner for Two

Judging will be done by our host Darla Jaye


How the tea parties started (it’s not what libs are saying)

Michelle Malkin was there from the very beginning.

See Michelle also for the latest tactics of the infiltrators and provacateurs.

Best advice: Don’t agree to an interview unless you know you’re dealing with a reputable news outlet. Know your facts. Be ready to back them up. Be cheerful if you suspect that a provocateur is trying to trip you up. Don’t let them get to you.

Meanwhile, apparently Chairman zero is totally clueless about the tea parties, and is planning his own event for today.

Previous KC area tea parties, covered at Nice Deb:

The Leawood Tea Party

The Olathe Tea Party

Kansas City Tea Party

Overland Park KS Porkulus Protest

The Confused Critics Of The Tax Day Tea Parties


Stop spending our future…is that too much to ask?

Critics of the tea parties are alternately alarmed or dismissive, and quite a few are blaming the  phenomenon on either  Fox News, talk radio, or Republican organizations – anything but what it actually is; a genuine grassroots expression of widespread alarm and dismay over the out of control borrowing  and spending coming out of Washington. The idea that the thousands of Americans who have been demonstrating, and/or plan to demonstrate on Wednesday, are nothing but pawns of Fox News, talk radio, or Republican think tanks is ridiculous on its face.

The vast majority of these people have never participated in a demonstration in their lives, but have been insulted and provoked to the point that they are taking to the streets, organizing loosely – yes, often spontaneously on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

When we see gargantuan spending bills pushed through, without the Congress even having time to read them, we are offended and horrified. When we hear that Obama is cutting defense spending, while throwing billions of dollars in the direction of groups like ACORN, we are offended and horrified. When we watch the guy who campaigned on ending earmarks, sign a bill into law that has 8,500 of them, we are offended and horrified. When we watch the guy break campaign promise after campaign promise, and not held to account by the media, we are offended and horrified.

We’ve been enduring one outrage after another, for the past several months, and frankly many Americans feel compelled to do something…anything before we wake up one morning and no longer recognize our country. We’ve been offended and horrified into action.

If the left really wants to know who the real organizer of these tea parties is, they should look no further than the Community Organizer in Chief, himself.  He is our inspiration.

Meanwhile, an anti-bank counter-protest sponsored by Firedoglake’s Jane Hamsher, epically failed, with a mere 12 people showing up. Watch her scuttle away when asked by Ed Frank of Frank Strategies to back up her crackpot bull horn pronouncements:


Hat tip: Gay Patriot, via Instapundit


See Michelle Malkin for more on lefty smear campaigns aimed at the tea parties.


Great post about the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, over at Accuracy in Media, which sums up:

With that background in mind, it’s obvious that the left’s carping about the “phony populism” of anti-tax “tea parties” across America also is a case of projection. Liberal activists, and lefty bloggers in particular, are so skilled at manufacturing outrage that they can’t imagine a case of genuine grassroots anger.

Nailed it.


Still more thoughts on the conservative online insurgency from Donald Douglas at American Power blog.

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