The Confused Critics Of The Tax Day Tea Parties


Stop spending our future…is that too much to ask?

Critics of the tea parties are alternately alarmed or dismissive, and quite a few are blaming the  phenomenon on either  Fox News, talk radio, or Republican organizations – anything but what it actually is; a genuine grassroots expression of widespread alarm and dismay over the out of control borrowing  and spending coming out of Washington. The idea that the thousands of Americans who have been demonstrating, and/or plan to demonstrate on Wednesday, are nothing but pawns of Fox News, talk radio, or Republican think tanks is ridiculous on its face.

The vast majority of these people have never participated in a demonstration in their lives, but have been insulted and provoked to the point that they are taking to the streets, organizing loosely – yes, often spontaneously on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

When we see gargantuan spending bills pushed through, without the Congress even having time to read them, we are offended and horrified. When we hear that Obama is cutting defense spending, while throwing billions of dollars in the direction of groups like ACORN, we are offended and horrified. When we watch the guy who campaigned on ending earmarks, sign a bill into law that has 8,500 of them, we are offended and horrified. When we watch the guy break campaign promise after campaign promise, and not held to account by the media, we are offended and horrified.

We’ve been enduring one outrage after another, for the past several months, and frankly many Americans feel compelled to do something…anything before we wake up one morning and no longer recognize our country. We’ve been offended and horrified into action.

If the left really wants to know who the real organizer of these tea parties is, they should look no further than the Community Organizer in Chief, himself.  He is our inspiration.

Meanwhile, an anti-bank counter-protest sponsored by Firedoglake’s Jane Hamsher, epically failed, with a mere 12 people showing up. Watch her scuttle away when asked by Ed Frank of Frank Strategies to back up her crackpot bull horn pronouncements:


Hat tip: Gay Patriot, via Instapundit


See Michelle Malkin for more on lefty smear campaigns aimed at the tea parties.


Great post about the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, over at Accuracy in Media, which sums up:

With that background in mind, it’s obvious that the left’s carping about the “phony populism” of anti-tax “tea parties” across America also is a case of projection. Liberal activists, and lefty bloggers in particular, are so skilled at manufacturing outrage that they can’t imagine a case of genuine grassroots anger.

Nailed it.


Still more thoughts on the conservative online insurgency from Donald Douglas at American Power blog.

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4 thoughts on “The Confused Critics Of The Tax Day Tea Parties

  1. If DC is like Ottawa, then Congress is a Tuesday-Thursday club which means that the people who should be seeing any protest isn’t there on the weekends anyway.

    With her vacant eyes and permasmile while avoiding any accountablility for her remarks, she could be an Obama spokesperson. Look for her soon.


  2. Nice Deb,

    I heard the organizers say they’re not worried about the Left, and I think they are right. I know what could happen, but it won’t because GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!

    I’ll see you at the barracades and: IN GOD WE TRUST!


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