Why Right-Wing Extremists Are Scary

Hippy Critic over at IOWNTHEWORLD puts us to some knowledge:


America Is An Obamanation assesses the threat level at yellow:


Which explains why the DHS is taking steps to halt this alarming trend.

Perhaps it also explains why the NSA has been stepping up its efforts to spy on Americans:

The National Security Agency intercepted Americans’ e-mails and phone calls in recent months on a scale that went beyond limits set by Congress last year, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

The problems were discovered during a review of the intelligence activities, the Justice Department said in a statement Wednesday night, and said they had been resolved.

Citing unnamed intelligence officials, the Times said the NSA had engaged in “‘over-collection’ of domestic communications of Americans.” Sources reportedly described the practice as varying from significant to systemic to unintentional.


Blogger alert:

For your free Right-Wing extremist blog badge, see America Is An Obamanation:


Robert Stacy McCain could use one of those badges. See Suzanne at Insert Clever S. Login Here for a video of his rousing speech at the ‘Bama tea party: “you might be a right wing extremist if…”

We’re all sooo busted!

CNN And MSNBC Potty Mouths Not Helping Ratings


As liberal commentators and anchors on CNN and MSNBC engage in their  puerile  tea-bagging  “jokes” (for lack of a better word) that mock the participants of the tea parties, news consumers are rejecting their coverage in droves for “right wing extremist” central, Fox News:

fox-scoresKeep laughing, chuckleheads.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Thanks to Jim Treacher and Batton Lash for comic.


Latest count on the tea parties (I was going to say “head count” but I was worried some lefty might come by and die from a fit of laughter…I’d never forgive myself)!

Pajamas media is reporting over a half a million estimated participants, and the reports are still coming in.

Also, isn’t it slightly ironic in light of all the disgusting tea bagging jokes, that some people are calling us the despicable ones?!

Yeah…exercising our right to free speech – truly shocking and despicable! And of course, racist!

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MSNBC’s Keef Olbermann’s obsession with ‘tea bagging’ has raised more than a few eyebrows, prompting him, finally, to display documented proof that he doesn’t have any special insight into teabagging, himself.