Who’s Dis Guy?


If you were like me, you were wondering who that mysterious smirking dude in the background of all of the Obama/Chavez love fest pictures was.

Venezuela News and Views:

This is quite a piece of news, of the astounding sort. For me, the shock is the incredible realization that Nicolas Maduro, a general failure in life has managed to reach two of the highest offices in the country strictly on his servility merits to El Supremo, a.k.a. Hugo Chavez. But also, as a strange relief of sorts, we are left to admire how a totalitarian regime sets itself in place.

Nicolas Maduro

There is really nothing positive to write about him. He is a failed union leader, from the Caracas subway system if memory serves me well. He never did anything smart in his life, and since the press got him as a source of news in 1998, there is nothing I can point that he did that showed creativity, originality or even hard work. He gained weight and got known for his escapades to visit his guru in India, first class ticket of course, at tax payer expense one may presume sinc ehe never bothered showing the receipts and even for an assemblyman paycheck, first class tickets to India is quite a bundle.

Oh…hey, look! He started Venezuela’s “civilian group”:

The third thing Maduro did was to organize the “civilian” group within chavismo. In this meaning, “civilian group” meant organizing non military folks that were willing to be as devoted to Chavez, no questions asked, as the military that Chavez so obviously favored. Which admittedly was not much hard work either as all were only too willing to imitate Maduro.

Is this “civilian group” just as powerful, just as strong,  just as well funded as their military, I wonder?


Jungle Mom has a great pictorial of Chavez meet and greets with bad guys the world over.


3 thoughts on “Who’s Dis Guy?

  1. Obama sure does seem pleased to be in the company of communist dictators and their murderous henchmen. Who could have seen this coming?


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