Air Force One 2009

*Starring Barack Obama:


See Ace here, here, and here for a complete rundown of the exciting saga.

WH Wanted to Update Its File Photo of Air Force One Buzzing the Statue of Liberty: Update it. As in, they already have several. But those were from the nasty Bush Administration (or, more likely, before; I doubt Bush got the chance before 9/11).

So the NOTUS (Narcissist of the United States) decided it was about time he buzzed NYC, so he could have his pretty picture.

More at Michelle Malkin here and here.


Good lord, this is just pitiful:

Apparently, they hadn’t come up with an official story, yet.

Still More:

Allahpundit asks, “what should Obama’s next “photo op” be?”

Does Pearl Harbor still scare people?

William Teach reports that so far, only a junior mayoral aide has been reprimanded.

The Other Mccain calls the whole ordeal “The perfect storm of idiocy”.

The intrepid Jake Tapper asks Robert Gibbs some tough questions about the ordeal at TNOYF.

32 thoughts on “Air Force One 2009

  1. We’re going to be able to air a 5-part, 10 hour miniseries compiled of 30 second to one minute clips of Bob Gibbs’ stupid ass looking like a moron by January of 2013. You can bank on that.


  2. So he needs to “talk to the White House”? Maybe he can get a hold of some official, like, White House spokesman or something.


  3. Maybe he can get a hold of some official, like, White House spokesman or something.

    Well, first he’ll have to find out who’s in charge.


  4. “So he needs to “talk to the White House”? Maybe he can get a hold of some official, like, White House spokesman or something.”

    I was laughing so hard I couldn’t respond…..what a tool.


  5. just a rumor – and repeat that – just a rumor…

    remember how Clinton turned the WH into a bed, breakfast and bordello for the largest Lefty moonbat contributors and Friends-Of-Bill to get a stay in the Lincoln bedroom? well, we already know that tacky and shamefull pimping out of the WH is continuing, BUT…

    rumor is Obam has taken it to the next level. there may have been high-paying celebutards onboard AF-One. but this is just a rumor… just a rumor indeed. 😉 reeko


  6. word up: this is only scuttlebutt and inuendo, but take a look at who were the whos-who celebutards that were staying at the WH recently – and who might’ve paid for rides on not just AF-One but Marine One also… (follow the money honey) LOL

    fwiw: the callsign “Air Force One” and “Marine One” do not take effect until the POTUS is actually onboard the aircraft. HMX-1 is the Marine helo unit at Quantico and the 89th Airlift Wing is the 747 fleet at Andrews AFB. while the POTUS is not onboard one of the 747s it is simply “SAM” (plus tail number) and when POTUS is on any and all other civilian aircraft the callsign is changed to “Executive One” the second he steps foot onboard. if memory serves me, there are also callsigns:
    “Cadillac One” and “SUV One” and “Fleet One” (for naval surface ships) and even “Hummer One” although thats a B% validity on the last two. feel free to chime in if anybody knows the other callsigns. 😉


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  8. Wow! Powerful poster! Will it be available for framing?

    TOTUS has a comment about the “rumours” on Scare Force One:

    There are all kinds of rumors wafting around the West Wing. Like the one – that totally isn’t true – about ten of Big Guy’s top fundraisers getting seats on the plane for what amounted to a $300,000 joy ride. Then there are the interns who keep flashing their Air Force One souvenir M&M boxes to each other in the hallways and giggling like school kids.


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  10. Wait! You were able to put a plane above a bunch of frightened people in PHOTOSHOP!!

    I thought you had to actually buy a jet, and fly said jet at low altitudes over actual people in a city like- New York.

    Man. Glad I know this. I can save ALOT of money, now. Whew!!


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  12. That was excellent Deb. Well impressed! Speaking of photo-shop, it would have been a whole lot cheaper, and not made people excrete dried clay building materials. Or B’HO may not have made that decision himself, it may have been his worshipers, er, staff that wanted to praise their messiah. Whoever’s fault it is, it was (hopefully) terminally stupid.


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