Notre Dame Scandal Heating Up


One wonders if Father Jenkins is starting to regret his decision to honor Obama at Notre Dame’s Commencement next month. Because it’s becoming more and more apparent that he’s done great damage to Notre Dame’s reputation as a Catholic institution, as well as hurt it financially.

Just today, the former ambassador to the Vatican, Mary Ann Glendon, who was to give a speech as she received the prestigious Laetare Award, made public her decision to back out of the controversial affair.

Her devastating open letter to Father Jenkins can be read at Hot Air.

The university has already expressed regret, and announced that it will be replacing her with another honoree, but as Freddie Freddoso asks…”who do you suppose will want to accept the award under these circumstances — to be the second choice?”

Indeed. And you won’t like his suggestion.

And now the American Papist reports:

Organizers of, an online effort urging alumni and donors to the University of Notre Dame to withhold donations, announced Monday that they have personally confirmed over $8.2 million in withheld donations as a part of their national outreach effort.

Add that to the 47 Bishops who have issued statements denouncing Notre Dame’s decision, South Bend Bishop D’Arcy’s decision to not attend commencement, this year, a pro life march that took place at the university on April 20, and the more than 334,740 signers to the Stop the Scandal petition, so far, (which you can still sign if you haven’t already), and I’d say Father Jenkins has a mortifying debacle on his hands.

UPDATE (April 28):

Gateway Pundit reports:

But, this latest news is disturbing. The most radical pro-abortion and pro-infanticide president in history will wear the traditional Notre Dame robe with a prayer to the Virgin Mary.

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4 thoughts on “Notre Dame Scandal Heating Up

  1. Not a real surprise. We have a President who closely mimics a guy who wiggled into prominance in Germany back in the 1930’s. That fellow also promoted a vehicle for the people, formed his own militia and stepped on the freedoms of a goodly portion of the population.. He was also a great speaker, although he didn’t need to rely on monitors. As a history major, a Navy veteran and a believer in the U.S.A. , our leader scares the bejasis out of me.


  2. But will all the statues of and references to Jesus have to be covered at the commencement , so that non Catholics are not offended?


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