Good Riddance, RINO


I’m not too broken up about this. The Dems had the “whole 60-vote fillibuster-proof majority thing” even when he was with us.

Thanks to TOTUS for the ‘shop.


I see IOWNTHEWORLD is having a little bit of fun with Spector, today.


American Power has a much more sobering appraisal of the Specter defection.

But then, I already knew we were screwed.

Pucker up!

Excellent S. Weasel photoshop of Arlen Sphincter right here

7 thoughts on “Good Riddance, RINO

  1. What a disgusting person Specter is. He deserves not to win . Hopefully the people of Pa. have come to their senses and throw him under the bus.


  2. He, like a lot of politicians, crave the power and are loathe to give it up. He’s not doing what’s right, but politically expedient…for himself. And the unwashed masses be damned.


  3. Just another RINO added to the list of lefties whose very voice makes me want to vomit. As many of us have said many many times – these despicable politicians have only one desire … POWER. No scruples (hey – they’re mostly lawyers), no credibility (hey – they’re mostly lawyers!), no honor. (hey … never mind). It’s all about them and getting re-elected so they can sit on their asses in fancy offices and be fawned over. He new he was going to get his ass kicked in 2010 and bailed. He’s also a coward.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, Arlen, you puke.


  4. (conspiracy and tin-foil hat time kiddies)
    maybe ALL Republicans can switch parties at the last minute in close races… then get ACORN to help them steal the primaries and general elections… then after swearing in as new Dems – SWITCH PARTIES BACK TO GOP.

    i like using ACORN tactics against them. hehehe. 😉


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