For You Slow Learners Who Still Haven’t Figured Out The Tea Parties


Matt Kibbe at Reason magazine has the best explanation for the protests that I have yet seen in print:

What were the tea parties about? Reading the signs and talking to people (unlike CNN’s incredibly hostile Susan Roesgen, I actually let folks answer my questions in their own words), the “agenda” was crystal clear. Tea party activists were worried and angry about government bailouts for the irresponsible, about spending that “stimulated” record growth in government and not much else, and about government borrowing that will place unconscionable burdens on future generations of Americans. My favorite sign of the day: “Give Me Liberty, Not Debt.”

Some tried to diminish the tea parties as misguided tax protests. In reality, the protestors demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of economics that went well beyond objections to higher tax rates. You can’t spend money you don’t have, the tea party attendees understood, and government spending above current revenues must be paid for with higher taxes, more borrowing (to be paid for with higher taxes in the future), or artificial government expansion of money and credit, which can only debase the currency and make everyone poorer through inflation.

Read on as Kibbe describes the “stages of denial” the left has experienced as it’s grappled with the revolt.

Unlike lefty protests which are usually organized by unions and Communist front groups, attracting assorted whack jobs, anarchists and conspiracy theorists, these tea parties really were “grass roots” events that brought every day Americans out of their comfort zones in the world of “normal”, out into the streets to put their collective feet down. These are people who pay attention.

This is why the left is so unnerved. This is why they’re trying so hard to paint us all as racists, and rednecks who don’t know what we’re talking about. The fact of the matter is, we *do* know what we’re talking about…..and the more people are able to see past the Obama “razzle dazzle” the more  his radical agenda is exposed, and endangered.

Hat tip: Instapundit

2 thoughts on “For You Slow Learners Who Still Haven’t Figured Out The Tea Parties

  1. A retired professor from a local college wrote an article in our Sunday paper referring to the tea parties as a Astro Turf movement. Gosh, wonder where he got that. Of course he had to refer to Fox News as Fox Noise(these people have to parrot others of the same ilk).
    He’s a retired Political Science professor and I’m sure that means, in his case, junk science.


  2. Tea Parties:

    “From a Groundswell to a Sea Change”.

    The denigration and vilification of hardworking Tax Payers is going to byte those Democratics.

    We’ve got an excellent new national candidate prospect that spoke at one of the largest Tea Parties of 20,000 here in Atlanta.

    Current State of Georgia Legislature Representative Melvin Everson at

    I met Mr. Everson for the first time at the County GOP meeting in March of this year he’s very impressive gentleman and big family man. This annual meeting had a record attendance by the way by almost double of any previous year in history I was told.

    The GOP is not diminished in the least. This is where the big medias collusion, corroboration and electioneering of Democrats will cause them to be hoodwinked in upcoming elections. If they continue to shirk their responsibilities as watchdogs and don’t get off the lapdog thing they will be blindsided.

    The best thing for the GOP is to let the Big Media and Democratics run rampant with their false framing of these events.


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